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The end of every creative endeavour is a¬†faltering¬†mewl of fits and starts, with the exact moment of completion unidentifiable amidst a haze of administrivia, hype, last-minute revision, and disappointment. Was Last Days in the Capital complete when I wrote the last word of the last song, a few months back? Was it complete when we finished the fourth of our three recording sessions on it in early October? Is it complete today, the day we ran everything through mastering through the last time, administered the Peug tests, and started uploading files to Bandcamp? Or will it be complete when I press the ‘release’ button – it’s frighteningly abstract and disconnected, doing a digital release – in a few days’ time?

Perhaps it will only really be out when the material on it has seen a little live action, and it’s certainly going to be great to have something new to sell on the merch table at the numerous upcoming shows around England I have lined up! I played the first Hallowe’en show with TT&J last week in glorious Pangbourne, and I think we all had a riot of a time. Playing live is certainly the most fun part of what I do – for me, at least: I had a chat with Matt “Catweazle” Sage a while back in which he confessed that he vastly prefers recording, the sensation of being able to get everything right. Not me! It’s been far too long since a good whale of a show, far too long in studios and libraries putting stuff together. Well, now there’s a new record to flog, and plenty of shows to flog it at, and plenty of new material to play at the shows, and plenty of awesome other acts on the bill too! It’s going to be a blast and you simply have to come!

If you live in Oxford or Birmingham, we’re doing two shows in each of those places, and there’s also stuff happening in Falmouth, Exeter, Bristol, and London! Even if you live in the very centre of Dartmoor itself there’s no excuse, for we play in the tiny village of Gidleigh on Nov 10th! Visit the shows page for more details!

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