Up on the myspace page as of today: live classic and first in a series of one, it’s William Blake: A Life. This song will educate you in dirty underhand ways about the history of one of our greatest poets – it’s not a proper recording so much as an “I was bored and hadn’t put anything on myspace for a while so I just whacked it up” moment, but hey, being a travelling musician is hard these days. Cut me some slack.

Speaking of travelling, there are two homely gigs in good old Birmingham next week – The Sunflower Lounge (nr. New Street Station) on the 12th and Ceol Castle (nr. Moseley Road Swimming Baths) on the 13th. Lizzie Parle, a famous singer-songwriter of Hectic origins, once went into the male toilets of Ceol, whilst another close friend of mine once threw up through her nose in the Sunflower Lounge, so you all have lots of reasons to come and see me play in both places! Plus Max Jones will be with me.

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