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Better than Glastonbury?

I hate blog posts like this! But this will be useful to me in years to come. An aide memoire? Cos I’ve already forgotten most of this! If you dont want to read it dont! But come to three fat fish tonight to see me and the Jones! Free entry, 9pm start! I loves you. Since I am nocturnal now i’m doing this in pairs of days..


Portrait of the Sleep Deprived

ok this is gonna be one of those “my life lately” posts that I’m not a big fan of but yeah. much chillage has been occuring in between winter’s tale rehearsals and eating. I’ve also been playing, as is now well known, several gigs. Today I went on the radio and was delighted by fair Carina’s banter. A good set was had. But my voice has gone a bit so I’m shit, and with three more gigs on the cards in the next four days we’re not looking good.

Anyway, three hours sleep in the last two days so I’m off to bed – hopefully the Jones will be down tomorrow for some love. Ply me with’t.

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Closing the Season

Good day deeklesses,

Well that promised update actually ended up coming today instead of yesterday. Luckily, only Parkes reads this journal and he’s busy with exams so I’ll let it slip under the horizon. Like a woman.

That’s right kids, I now have CONSECUTIVE GIGS (if you count open mics) every single day from the 21st to the 26th of this month! And one on the 28th! If anyone knows of a gig going on the 27th, I’m interested! Hilights of this little end-of-year fiesta include (but are not limited to)


Gig my Bits

Some faceometer news for you, good people. As you can tell from my gigs page even, it’s going to be a busy fortnight! Though we do have two unconfirm’ds on there, please peruse and consider coming to any or all of them. I shall also send out an e-mail to mofO about this as soon as I get a yea or nea on ATN6 and the night after it, which all being well should both feature the Jones!

Big update tomorrow, until then I’m in play rehearsals and organising giggage. Give me some love!

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She made me blush with a Capital B

Well, it’s been a while, folks. Why? Why you ask? Well, I wouldn’t want to be unsubtle, so to find out you’ll have to rearrange the following letters:


But don’t worry, because this blog would not have been oft updated even if I did have internet access! Why? Well, there are three seperate and equally important reasons:

That’s right, kids, it’s half life 2, running, of course, on maximum graphics AHAHAHA. Seriously, I can’t get over the physics on this game. Especially with the GRAVITY GUN. We don’t go to Ravenholme anymore! I did! It was minging! I HATE HEADCRABS.




I was lucky enough to have a cameo in this awesome EUTCo production which performed friday to sunday. I was an existentialist television (amongst other things) and had a great if slightly hectic weekend with it. Felt a bit of a fraud though because everyone else worked so hard and was so good – I was backstage in stitches for the whole thing. Awesome to the Max.

That’s right, kids! This time it’s Alias, which is comparable to 24. Very comparable… (mild spoilers!)

Let’s all play the CI drinking game!

1 – Has a hunch
1 – Consults zippy briefcase
1 – Gesticulates with zippy briefcase
1 – Starts a sentance not looking at suspect, stops, looks at them, starts again
1 – Looks like he’s just thought of something when actually he thought of it earlier because he’s a legend
2 – Referred to as “Bobby” or “Robert”
2 – Seen undercover
2 – Turns out to know a vast amount about tremendously obscure subject
2 – Has a buddy implausibly unlike him in nich

Seven Beers in an Emptying Cosmos

Good news for those of you here for the tunes of FaceOmeter! (ie. none of you) I just finished the instrumental song of the same name. Moreover, it may (may) get used in the soundtrack to a production of The Winter’s Tale which i’m currently working on. Exciting stuff!

I can’t play it or anything yet, but it’s definately written! MP3 will happen when I can actually do it.

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Yet another tedious photo blog

OK so it was an emotional night last night… and it began with my SECRET INVERSE COMMANDO MISSION TO MARDON. Actually, I stayed in my pyjamas until around 5:30. Playing Far Cry. More on that later? THEN it was time for my secret inverse commando mission to Mardon.


Fig 1. Mardon!

Look at it… so innocent. But what lies within?

Fig 2. The within

That’s right, kids! Mardon is pretty boring inside. If you doubt that yet, look at the porter’s office. My commando through the door reveals only that… there is no porter?!?! What madness is this?!

Fig 3. It’s pretty mad?

Rumour has it that in mardon, there are no people with faces. None whatsoever. ALSO THEY EAT BABIES! Here’s a spot where said consumption might occur…

Fig 4. Stop it Will

Right so anyway then it was off to TANDOORI NIGHTS with my exclusive team of illicit lovers. The food was okay! It wasn’t birmingham but they knew how to make a madras?!

Fig 5. A massive, massive gay. And geoff! AHAHA