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And they had a hoe-down…

This day has been t3h epiX already, and it’s only 7pm! I’ve vacuumed the house, restrung my guitar, HOPEFULLY fixed my computer’s troubling graphics issues, recorded a new vocal line and worked with the LEDGENDARY johnny “johnny” brocklehurst on not one BUT THREE FaceOmeter tracks, including the now alright-sounding Cosmic Picaresque, which in the esteemed estimation of the Brockle himself is “about 65% done now”. Yes! ALSO I maged to transpose into the key of D MAJOR the organ part for epic tale Hazy Recollection (Local Election), which should allow shtznitting live version arranged with Jon Chatwin of Daddy Ho! and hopefully rehearsed by FACEOMETER AND FRIENDS next Sunday! YES!

Coming up: cooking, then I’m gonna try and write something. Then I’m gonna play Warcraft till my legs fall off. And watch Stargate with Sarah! Till my legs fall off!


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Bon Jovi everyone,

It’s been a while, for reasons. That and many other similar vagueries has been the metier for my now concluded examinations. I can once again sally forth, and party like a knight of some description. And thus I sallied to the Angel!


‘Leaf Fall Timetable’
‘Californian Styled’
‘Everybody’s Alright’

the last two features JOHNNY BROCKLEHURST.

More about him tomorrow!


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This neighbourhood’s for the smartest… they wouldn’t live here if they were so smart

Today has been the day of me carrying INHUMAN AMOUNTS OF THINGS. Initially I went to Sainsbury’s in town and walked back with SIX BAGS OF mighty shopping. Everything heavy that I like was on offer, so I had to buy it! God that was epic.

I also carried two guitars, a keyboard, a mic stand and a rucksack full of wires and adaptors back from the lemmy practice room today. By myself. BECAUSE I AM HARD.

Why was I in the practice room? Well, because today was the monumental first gathering of the team that I am currently referring to as FaceOmeter & Friends! Jon (Backing Vocals / Guitar / Harmonica) dropped my precious acoustic and put a gigantic dent in the bottom… I reluctantly forgave him when it turned out that he’d accurately memorised all the backing vocals for Californian Styled! Claire (Bass / Keys) was slightly overwhelmed by the amount I was trying to make her learn in three hours (sorry!) and got to play more keys than bass by quite a stretch… but she rose admirably to the challenge! And Tony (teh drums) of course brought everything necessary to turn the shoddy Lemmy room drumkit into a percussion set of wonderment and love.

Thanks to all of them and we hope to be bringing you something exciting soon! So far the repertoire

This is still probably a bad sign

So finally LATERALUS met up with Casnewydd, and generously showed him the sights of the eastern kingdoms. Including Ironforge.


Meanwhile, ABERTAWE finally met SLANT! So it’s been a week of PEOPLE MEETING PEOPLE! Abertawe showed slant the delights of Zeppelins.


Then, I checked my blog and saw it had been a while since I reminded anyone about the living ledge that is Goren.


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King Long

OK, perhaps I’m being a little mean. This is actually an extremely well made film, it’s just also the most self indulgent thing I’ve ever seen*. I don’t want to sound “uninovative”, but there’s no reason for this film to be three hours long. It just hurts. The end is torture. On the other hand, Kong is very mighty and obviously (biggest budget ever) the extended multiple action sequences are extremely good fun.

Serious issues raised for consideration are all connected here with the good old fashioned question of fidelity. Jackson clearly loves the original because he’s replicated almost every scene from it. The tone and quantity of the references varies (the mood of the film is actually very hard to pin down, which is one of its problems) but the love is there. So that begs the question: why? If what you’re seeking to do is an unimaginative update of the ’33 film, then why add all the new scenes? Why be more sympathetic to Kong? Why change Driscoll into a writer? On the other hand, if you’re seeking to innovate on an old story, why mirror every scene? Why use loads of the same speeches and camera angles? Why the depression-era social commentary?

Again, biggest budget ever. This is an antialiased rollercoaster of almost convincing graphics, but

Ass in to it

The operation known only as OPERATION MINGE COLA is underway. You won’t know what it is until at least tomorrow. Are you excited? I am!


Played at the good ol’ Angel Open Mic on thursday last. The set?

‘Leaf Fall Timetable’
‘Everybody’s Alright’
‘Californian Styled’

The gigs page still doesn’t reflect upcomings because I hate Word as an HTML editor and my new copy of dreamweaver hasn’t reached me yet. So be warned of two upcoming Face gigs of size:

Jan 20th – CB Night at the Lemmy
Feb 15th – 3FF with Monkey Militia!

I’ll also be trying the new 3FF Open Mic this Tuesday and shall very probably put in an appearence at the Lemmy on Weds and the Angel on thurs. To spread the love!


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It’s not live

Jools Holland has been seeing in the New Year for a while now, and I’m not quite sure why. His formerly-excellent-now-somewhat-suspect-late-night-fiesta-of-television isn’t the medium I’d really expect to see waving the Big Brother loving crowd into the future. On the other hand, he had James Blunt down for this one so I guess he’s adapting to the times.

The exact nature of the Hootenanny (I hate that word) is the subject for another entry, possibly one which shoots fire out of the screen and singes your keyboard, but I was very interested indeed to learn today that the show is not actually live. For some reason, the idea of the self-congratulating oligarchy (thanks Mrs. Herbert) of the BBC Elite chanting in the New Year at about Five in the afternoon, or, for all we know, on about June 16th.

Which raises, of course, a more exciting question. Why is it such an appealing image? Why is the actual fact of the moment of the New Year of such importance that I find the idea of someone celebrating it four hours earlier quite funny? After all, four hours earlier it’s New Year in Oman…

This is probably a bad sign

That’s right folks, I’m now fully committed to the dark side. Let me introduce Casnewydd, a druid on Turalyon. He’s already grown a lot since this shot was taken, migrating from the elven world of Teldrassil to the Darkshores of Northern Kalimdor and reaching level 11! Fuck. Meanwhile, my horde character Abertawe, a Tauren Shaman on Khadgar, dings 6 as he arrives at bloodhoof village. Further Bulletins as events warrant.

Meanwhile, back in the real world (but what is real? – Ed) I played an alright-ish gig with a very pleasent vibe at the City Tavern near Five Ways a few days ago (Sunday). The setlist was:

Leaf Fall Timetable
Apparently there’s a Quasar in Torquay
William Blake: A Life
Untitled-2 (feat. Lizzie Parle)
and Revolution (singing with Jamie Doe, who wrote it)

Peace be the journey.


For anyone in Birmingham actually reading this

COME ONE COME ALL to the city tavern off broad street tomorrow at four for a musical fiesta including MAGIC LANTERN, FACEOMETER, and SOME OTHER GUYS

I’m in on this somewhat last minute so I’m not really sure what’s going on but i guarantee* that it’ll be amazing! So come on down! FUCK

* I don’t

Blues One

oh i’m just an observer and i’ll tell all i can
my course is just; you’ve sussed it’s not important who i am
for i am purely ornamental as the wise among you know
but i once had a daydream & i’ve sketched it out below…

it started when we turned our papers into magazines,
glossy-edged with papercuts and torn up polythesene
which demonstrated quite succinctly that we humans look distincly
old & crinkly next to images of what we might have been

these ambitions we’d been chasing for a long long time,
leave a brother, chase a lover and be hustled back in line
while other people stand on mountains, coat-tails flaring out
narrowly assessing what this lesson’s all about

fantasies that we had been pursuing all our life
caught us up and told us that the quest stands on a knife
but the reality we’d call it floats beneath a different moon
the quest is more more likely balancing upon a spoon

< >

as science improves & time it moves, we’re dispensing with guns
we make our laws and do our chores and fight our wars with puns
and when the puns become to bitter then we scatter them like litter
and they glitter in the darkness while we turn out backs and run

far away to the arms of whoever’ll hold us tight
who will kiss us in the britches and will cuddle us at night
while travellers lseep on shipwrecked shoals a thousand miles wide
caught between their beauty and the bitterness inside.

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