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Sweet cantaloupe!

Happy Pancake Day everybody!

I’ve had a busy one, but there’s to be payoff tomorrow at the gig… PLEASE come if you get the chance. We’re on at 8:30 on the main stage but there’ll be quality bands on from 7:00 on two stages until well into the night! I also hear that Jamie Doe may make an appearence, though Max “The Wanker who never Calls Me” Jones is unlikely to be there.

More importantly, Jon taught me the “neighbours chord” today. TRY IT YOURSELF KIDS!!!!

Somerfield is cheaper, but Tesco has more felxible opening times…

I return fresh from a week of consecutive giggage to the land of blog, but I’m afraid these are but passing tidings. My “To Do In Life Soon” list numbers an impressive twelve items, but you only need to know about one: upcoming FaceOmeter and Friends madness! Join us on the 1st of next month (next wednesday) at Cornwall House for One Night Stand, where we and ten other bands will be making a concerted effort to blow your face right off*.

At the moment it seems we’re on stage two (aka. the arse stage) at 7:30 (when no-one will be there). This has rubbed me up verrryyyy sliiightly because this is the slot I always play up on campus and I was kind of hoping that having a band would lead to something a little more prestigious. However, we must take what we are given I suppose… do try and make it if you can!

The recent gigs have been very up/down, but I had a great night tonight at Cabaret Asbo – Will has the sort of stage presence that could, well, yeah, keep a cellar full of standing people interested from the back of the room for an hour and a half. Really good show and I was very pleased to be a part of it (despite early worries that it would suck due to an as-it-transpires-unecessary PA).

Anyway, I should hit the hay before it hits me, so to speak. The best of nights to ye, and sorry I haven’t been updating so much lately…

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A skylark slid slowly down a garden wall
at five past midday, its gray wings in a sprawl
and fell on a flagon of herbal tea
in nineteen hundred and seventy

The world of the humans was in much awry,
some repressed others while others sat by
fear and upset and uncertainty
in nineteen hundred and seventy

But little concern for this primative masque
from the avian angel encased in the flask
only the blossom and old crashing sea
in nineteen hundred and seventy

Cheated of life or, at least, dignity
unhinged by a window, with no-one to see
the invisible glass, we got on with

Time, Peril

In the process of doing an increasingly rare update of the main site today I decided to go nuts and count my past gigs… fascinatingly, I inadvertantly crossed the “100” marker earlier this week with a fabulously poor appearence at three fat fish (the PA there is amazing but I’ve never played a good gig on it). Interestingly, that 100th gig was also the first for which I got paid – so thanks to Oram from Monkey Militia for putting that night on and giving me some money for my piss-poor contribution! And they say it can’t bring you happiness…

With 101 gigs down and five booked in the next six days, this might be a good moment to sit back and take a look at the different aspects of the FaceOmeter project, which is a many-faceted diamond these days, although still based around a worryingly small contingent of songs and, of course, me. Here goes:

Live – FaceOmeter will be making several acoustic appearences over the next week, after which there will be a recess to work on some other stuff (degree…). The first of these appearences will be tomorrow night at the Angel; a full list is on the gigs page.

The Band – FaceOmeter and Friends are in rehearsal for their 7-song debut on the first of march (a week wednesday). They aren’t in many rehearsals, so the gig could go either way, but I have faith in the talent and commitment of my accomplices Claire, Tony and Jon. One Night Stand is in any case a great litle event and it should be a good night!

Recording – Two CDs are currently in the making: a narrative EP called “Campfire Songs” and a 10 track album called “To Infinitives Split”. Both feature some of my dearest allies (Max Jones and Johnny Brocklehurst principal amongst them) and both are well into the recording phase. Six of the album’s tracks are all but fully recorded, and one of them has been through the production process in full as well. Production work continues on the other five and on “Campfire Songs” third track, “Cosmic Picaresque”, which is quite the epix. The remaining tracks on both the EP and the Album are in various states of unwritten-ness. Speaking of which…

Writing – Ever the foible of FaceOmeter, the newest song in the repertoire is still “Mellow Drama”, which features Lizzie Parle on guest vocals and will be on the album. Attempts are currently underway to write several new tracks including a Waltz, a song about going to the toilet, a disco number, a banjo driven narrative, a song about forgetting oneself, and a song which only has accordion and uke in it. If all goes well they’ll take their positions on albums, EPs and live sets in due course. There are also plans afoot to do a collaborative write/record with Daddy Ho!, though the plans are more mine than theirs (with some justification on their part).

So all in all you can probably see why I feel a little rushed today… especially as I just wasted fifteen minutes writing this all down. Ah well.

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Run, you fools

I’ll update the main page (with notepad… eeeeeckckckckkckc) later, but meanwhile, take note of THIS:

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The Story of the Mouse

The computing Saga continues…

My wonderful logitech cordless mouse has been giving me contact dermetitis, so I’ve taken to wearing a glove when playing computer games to prevent “exposure”. Unfortunately, my hand sweats inside the glove and now I have eczema on two of my fingers. And not “itch itch” eczema, “i want to peel off this flesh” eczema.

So I tried playing without the glove again and after an hour my palm was really hurting… you could actually see little black bits in my palm from the mouse!

Conclusions: A higher power doesn’t want me playing world of warcraft. Or mastering my music. Or writing essays.

Alternate conclusions: Karma

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Here comes the pain

Well, the votes are in, kids – wireless sucks my dongle*. Finally got my computer online again by running a 20 metre cat-5 cable down the stairs – all the crashes, system restores, bsod’s, lag etc ive been dealing with for the last week have been caused by that fucking wireless network. What are the chances! Of course, none of it makes logical sense, but at the moment I’m just glad to be back online, so I choose to ignore that.

Don’t buy wireless.


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What do you mean only three times this month and still nothing to talk about really other than bloody broken computers fuck fuck fuck &c.?

“Daviels, captain”, explained the first officer. “They’re upon us like a summers rain”

Captain Eckelburger furrowed his brow like a field tilled by a good-hearted woman between three and five on a wednesday. “We must take up defensive positions”, quoth mine good captain, “or suffer the inevitable consequences”

Those consequences? It is nowadays considered trivial to specualte on such matters, but I would it were not so. My ass hurts.

“Laters, blaters”, shouted able seaman Buntings, swinging his oxford stick about him like some kind of beat poet. “Where do you go?”, cried the captain. “We must take up defensive positions!”

“Nightmares plague me”, yelled Buntings. “I can’t believe we’re already in week three of semester two. And my computer is damn well bloody broken again”


Gay Bap

Following recent developments on the Daddy Ho! website, allow me to offer you:

“Tracking the watches of Daddy Ho!”

Join us as we go on a mad adventure through the history of the Daddy Ho! watch. Of course, watching Harmoniums was where it all began, back in ’05, but from this seemingly one-off watch singer-songwriters Jon and Nathan began watching a variety of things: a casual scan over the modern website will give us Recording Watch, MP3 Watch, Employment Watch, Potter Watch, Photo Watch

Fear the Gauntlet

Due to reasons, I now have to wear a glove on my right hand whenever operating my computer. This is somewhat annoying and makes my housemates mock me (but what doesn’t?)


Count the men piling on this one guy! For more pictures like this, try this link.

In the event the Superbowl was fairly uninteresting (fate was probably punishing me for drinking Earl Grey whilst watching it) – I only saw the second half and apart from one AMAZING long pass to the touchdown from the steelers it was standard stuff. Nonetheless, my hankering for football was renewed. To the barricades!

Worked yesterday on ‘Poets in Towers’ mk II. It’s coming along… all will be better after this week though. Tomorrow Jon “Jon” Chatwin, guitaring/pedalsteeling LEDGE of passion, will be HANGING FIVE. Then on wednesday I prepare dinner for JONNY BROCKLEHURST – if anyone called brocklehurst can help produce my cd it’s surely him? Then on Friday another meeting of FaceOmeter and friends closes out the fun. Can you wait? I can’t!

But now I have to get back to my CV… I want a job in a tea shop which I’m blatently not going to get.

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