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Our dichotomy opens the combat

See, it’s just all too clean. I mean, it’s really clean. All shiny and clanky and mmmph. I don’t want to sound like a twat here*, but the thing about models is that they’re real. And I don’t want to snumb computer art because I feel it is important and even necessary in modern films, but when you’re trying to make a Star Wars film you can’t maintain that FEEL of space combat without having anything tangible to film.

In Star Wars, ships aren’t beautifully rendered, slinky and shiny like Audi A6s that have just slid off the production line like vellum cocks into velvet vaginas… theyre dirty and used and REAL because this is a REAL DIRTY HORRIBLE galaxy and its a LONG TIME AGO (you heard me). I don’t care if it’s the republic at this point! That’s shit! There’s no tension, no excitement in this battle because there’s no CHARACTER, and character comes with being REAL.

This issue of reality is very important. Of course they aren’t realistic. They’re spaceships. In Sci-Fi, believability is measured within the rules which the universe has created, which is a great luxury for most writers. Lucas manages to still struggle with them, and thats why the prequels suck – they dont just break THE rules, they break THEIR OWN rules.

*whoa. waaaay too late!

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So anyway yeah

Most of the appeal behind the rebellion comes from the idea that it is fighting a long term tyrannical opressor; the impression is surely that that despite the Emperor’s dissolution of the senate in Episode IV, the Empire has been in brutal effect for many many years. Hence the championing values of LIBERTY and FREEDOM by mothma & chums. The rebellion loses its bouyancy considerably, in my view, if it’s merely a fight to restore a status quo after an empire which has been going on for only about twenty years. I mean… twenty years… that’s just not an empire. Why did the prequels have to tie up the Skywalker family with Palpatine’s rise? Their storyline would have been far more compelling, as those of the earlier trilogy are, against a background of flourishing opression, not dying freedom!

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Progress report

Not so many updates lately, even though its the holidays. What HAS he been up to, you’re asking yourself. No, really, you are. WELL I’M GLAD YOU ASKED!

As we say in shit prequels, “our stockade is completely legal”. HERE, PARKES, KERR and I PENETRATE ITS BOUNDARIES. Then, the very next day, we hit Blackfathom Deeps! Two instances in two days? You bet we’re hardcore. Blackfathom looks really different btw:

THe DOORWAYS ARE WIDER! Good work. Blackfathom is characterised also by some annoying-if-pretty water-based combat. We had a massive session in which roughly 8 billion Naga died horribly. I only needed ressing once! Check me out!

Oooh mm the pretty! Notice my cat form in swimmy mode! Another good looking if badly designed thing in the game “WORLD OF WARCRAFT”. Eventually we took them to the land and reaked havoc on their very souls! In the interim, I dinged 29… and I was so close to travel form I simply couldn’t stop! So after running away from a large number of high level mobs in Duskwood…


…my impatience was rewarded in the finest of ways!

AWLRIIIIGHT!!! I’m a cheetah! Check me out!!

So yeah, there go thousands more hours I could have used on something productive. Ding 30 though, and to keep the spirits up, here’s a picture of Ruari, Wilko and I dancing because Parkes took BALLY AGES getting to teh instance. PEACE!

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Analyse this if you can!

Quick, while I remember…

Ginny and I were playing Warcraft. She was suprisingly good given that she was only level 19. We were in Ashenvale or a similar place (it wasn’t named) killing those big green furry spiders. John turned up with one of his many alts and we went to a desert region

Parkes and I have another great discussion about Science

Katsumoto: can you get an erection if you chop off your dick?!
mesurydd wyneb: nah but whenever you got turned on loads of blood would jet everywhere


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Website Update!

Well folks, I’ve finally braved the elements of Notepad and done the long-needed update to the main site’s about page. On here you can now find an updated biography of the Jones, as well as introductions to Johnny Brocklehurst and the members of FaceOmeter and Friends! Johnny’s picture isn’t up yet… he insists he’s sending me “a good one” tomorrow, but everything else is tip-top!

It’s also my intention to redo the media section a little so that the website its snippy snappy before I go away next week. Instead of the rather old mp3s that are currently there I hope to bring you some live and ambient recordings with the assistance of people such as Brocklehurst himself, together with Neil Ogilvie and Jon Chatwin. Watch this space, sirs!

UPDATE: JBroK has supplied a portrait. Visit the page to witness it!

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Water Totem Update

As you can see, the Water Totem Woman was popular last night!

There’s Abertawe and another Shammie I met doing one of the seven trillion pointless running missions for the totem. In the background you can just see ANOTHER Shaman running to hand in the bit we just did. God.

Anyway, I did it! Haven’t picked it up yet, but OOH IT HAD BEST BE GOOD

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Essay Procrastination Continues…


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You’re going down

Well, it’s been a hectic few days – but now the Jones has left us. He leaves in his wake the sated stomachs of a pizza-happy exeter crew. Excellent representation, the Jones.

We played a gig at the North Bridge that went down like a bavarian prossie, and at which I lost my guitar strap AND my mic stand (good work there). In other news, Hustler’s no longer do their ALL YOU CAN EAT. On the other hand, ‘Mellow Drama’ is now fully recorded, with only scanty production left to do before it’s COMPLETE. ‘Everybody’s Alright’, ‘Leaf Fall Timetable’, ‘Poets in Towers’ and ‘Cosmic Picaresque’ are also now all but done. Whilst the immediate future of To Infinitives Split is questionable, a working demo and possibly even Campfire Songs are not too far away…

Meanwhile, though, it’s back to the essay zone. WHERE ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN*

*Aside, possibly, from a good mark at this stage

UPDATE: Jon has located the missing items, so its props to him! Eleven points

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