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well the answer is that my computer has once again expired. Estimated fix on this graphics card error is around next Friday. COCKS!

A happy birthday to skippy, another man who never updates his blog. Sincere apologies that I cant make it to your minifestival of love, man!

Played the angel tother day, a nice relaxing one with Jon and Nath being very on form. Played ‘Californian Styled’ with Jon, then ‘Leaf Fall Timetable’ and ‘Introduction to the Campfire Songs’. More updates when I have them…!

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A Comment Comment

I just noticed that if you’re not a blog drive member, you have to enter an anti-spam whenever you post on the comments windows on this site. This is annoying because I can delete spammers with my FASCIST EXECUTIVE CONTROL, no-one wants to spam me anyway, and there’s no way to turn it off. I moved this blog here from

Check this out!

Words are inappropriate in introducing this.

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Givef Epix?!

Yeah yeah canada whatever. DRUIDS CAN DANCE IN ANIMAL FORM NOW!

I was testing out the bear dance in SW when three other random druids came up and joined the party! Soon we drew quite the crowd… but then it was time for the main act. That’s right, kids! The cat form “jazz club” style CABARET DANCE

Dah! DA-DA-DA-DA DA! ts ts tsssss ts ts tssssh ts ts tssssssh

Meanwhile, haven’t logged Abertawe since the patch but here’s a tasty snap of him with Kuarbaulle before I left. Kuarbaulle has, as you may notice, a new hat:

And that’s all the weather. Speaking of weather, I hope to encounter some in STRANGLETHORN

Another new project…?

After the dust settles from Campfire Songs and/or To Infinitives Split, the next CD is going to be an educational and fun look at some of the things that live in an aquarium! This so-far-untitled project is going to be quite “lo fi” after the years of arseing with the other two records, probably just me, a guitar, some synths… and some fish. FISH LIKE THIS ONE!

This is all inspired by my recent expeditio to the vancouver aquarium, though i also plan to check out the birmingham sea life centre to further my research. I’m hoping if I’m nice enough that an expert will hang out with me and give me some more insights into the stuff I want to write about. I hoping for about five to eight tracks, each one focusing on a differend species. The arapaima linked above is definately on the list! Look at that thing… it looks as old as time itself… mmm so wise… so prehistoric… mmmn

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Meanwhile in the pub

Guys and girls, I think it’s time for some FELLOW ARTISTE promotion. I just found this Misty’s Big Adventure Music Video. These guys are really super and it’s great to see that theyve got to this stage of things! Buy their album!

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Teh Classix

Fans of TNG, you’ll love this one!

Thanks to Parkes for the link

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