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Fools of Tooks

Well not much to say in this one other than that EXAMS ORE ONNNNN which isn’t very exciting… but I simply couldn’t stand back and watch the last row of days in the month be all grey and that. Oh what a to do. &c. Man. Woman. Christ. Doctors.

Exam insanity is a well documented complaint


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Oh. My. God. Ohmygod.

Go and see it. Now. I don’t care what else you’re doing.

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Dev Blog #32974932

Matt, bless ‘im, posed a fascinating question in the comments to my last post, and I’m happy to say I have an answer:

Folks, my new record is out two weeks on thursday. It’s been a long journey but this is without question going to be the best sounding and most professional FaceOmeter CD so far. As my main site mentions, you can claim your copy (probably for around

It’s the country where I quite want to be, eating breakfast or dinner…

…or, in this case, just watching TV. And this is what was on it:

Now don’t worry, kids. I’ve not yet entirely given up my artistic credibility to the extent where I watched the Eurovision Song Contest in full all the way through, but I did see a substantial section of the scoring system and I’m aware that Wogan is becoming grumpier and grumpier with each passing year. “More political voting”, he observed as Cyprus voted for Greece. “This has been going on for… seven, eight years now”.

Terry, you’re so right. People just don’t take the Eurovision seriously any more! How dare an undiscriminating

Gig Announcement #33984

Gentle folk, Cabaret Asbo is happening again on the 8th of next month. The last one was a bit special so it’d be good to see you folk down there. If you’re extremely lucky, you may be able to pick up your coppies of Campfire Songs there, but it depends now on the artwork and on how long mass production takes. Consider research for that “ongoing” and come down anyway for the night;

More Campfire News

Those of you in earnest expectation of Campfire Songs, well, we’re getting there! Yesterday saw some mad production/xmen antics with Johnny, and I can now reveal the tracklist to you for finally definate:

1) Introduction (c.3:30)
2) Bad Calendar (c. 5:10)
3) Cosmic Picaresque (c. 4:30)
4) An Epiphany (c.7:30)

Of these, the third is pretty much finished (at last), the first needs a tiny fix on the vocals before it’s done, the second needs vocals recording (I’m ill, so this will be a hangup unfortunately) as well as a small fix in the drums, and the fourth needs some brushed snare and some… deep… thought… we’ll see. Anyway, I hope to have a finished master CD by this time next week whatever happens, and then it’s a question of getting it off to the printers so that you guys can enjoy it. Or not.

Meanwhile, more important things have been happening:

As you can see, John and I are hardcoring the mining on EVE, the prettiest game ever. We can no roist around 22,000 units of solid pyroxeres in a single twenty minute run! Which means we’re surely not far off roistertoistering a corp. OH GOD YES. Stay tuned for more

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Liberal Comedians will save America

…if America will let them!

Stephen Colbert has jumped up a few thousand per cent in my estimation. Here’s why! Enjoy that, because he’ll probably “disappear” real soon…

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MP3 Love

Those of you who regularly visit the Media page for no reason, just in case, will have discovered a recent change in the content avaliable. I’ve decided to make the Media page my den of crazy live recordings, demos, and so on… all the bonuses man could want. Meanwhile, the myspace page will shortly have a few of the “studio” recordings on it.

Though myspace isn’t ready yet, there’s now all-new content on the media page. Here’s what you’ll find:
Drinking Song – A Complete “Studio” recording of a Jones/Tattersdill tune about some of Birmingham’s finest pubs. This is one of those songs that doesnt really go on an album (it’s over a year and a half old anyway) but we still play it live loads.
Everybody’s Alright (Live) – This is an acoustic performance of the fO favourite about being young and stuff. Taped at the Angel earlier this year, it features Johnny Brocklehurst on backing vocals.
Lauren (Studio Live) – Max and I penned an instrumental duet last year. Because of the way the guitars feed off each other, it will probably never get properly recorded. This is the second of three takes we did with it in an actual studio, ably recorded and produced by the amazing Mr. Neil Ogilvie. What we really need is a good live recording of this, but we always fuck it up live…
Mellow Drama (AHBP) – This bedroom recording of one of the newer fO tracks is very different from the “studio” version because instead of featuring the beautiful Lizzie Parle on vocals, it features the even more beautiful* Jon Chatwin on Banjo.
Two-Minute Roadtrip (AHBP) – Max and I had just enough time to write this song and record a single take of it before we had to live hundreds of miles away from each other again. It’s about a badger, as will become obvious if you listen.

I have a few other goodies in my sack of love, but for now I’m focusing on Campfire Songs so that’s probably the configuration that will remain up there for a little while. That said, I’m eager to “touch up” a live track of FaceOmeter & Friends playing ONS last term! When that happens, you’ll be the first to know! Well, you probably won’t… I will… ahem

Visit the media page to listen to the love!

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