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Another classic

Thanks to geoff for pointing out this one!


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Daddy Ho! Nonsense

Daddy Ho! have finally succumbed to the pressures of modern life and constructed for themselves a blog, which can be found right about here. More artfully constructed and better written than mine, it assuredly deserves your attention for a few moments.

In other news, FaceOmeter and Friends are defnitely playing All Together Now this Saturday, and will probably be on somewhere in the area of 9pm. This is going to be an ‘interesting’ gig, because we ‘have’ had lots of ‘practice’, but if it’s anything like last year it’ll be a great festival and well worth turning up for (especially as it’s free). You can find us in the heart of the University of Exeter’s Streatham campus, in the Ram Beer Garden on an actual festival stage! Holy christ!

Now I have yet another rival in the blogging community, I’m gonna kick up the pace by offering you a prospect that will surely bring you back, crawling, for more. In my next entry, I’ll be telling you all about how Abertawe has reached level 30 and now gets five hearthstones an hour! That’s right, kids… I’m back on World of Warcraft. Feel the burn.

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This one doesn’t have a title yet and it’s probably only a draft

The other day it looked as if Tim Burton came to town
cos dandelion fluff was drifting gently to the ground
probably a natural occurance but if you were to stand still
you could easily believe you starred in some blockbuster film

So all the summer needed was a hero to step forth
to battle psychological weakness and prove his worth
to stumble through the darkness facing evil foes, and win
then stand amidst the fluff beside a mystic heroine…

Were you here the other day? Tim Burton came to town
You could tell because this atmospheric fluff was blowing round
It must get quite annoying if it follows where he goes
He must be constatnly choked up with dandelion snow

But better choked up with the snow your art creates than tears
Which slip out under blue skies cos the weather’s getting weird
Or rather, because weird weather gets you thinking how
You’ll never be a

ATN Horror

Guys, guys… FaceOmeter may not be playing ATN this year. But we may be playing still! Basically, the deal has changed… but no-one will tell me what it’s changed to…

So come anyway! Because ATN is always amazing!

But don’t, whatever you do, swear to murder thousands if you don’t see FaceOmeter and Friends in concert. Because it’s NOT WORTH IT DAMN YOU

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More Coordination

As promised, the myspace page is now not entirely shit. I’ve updated it with full “studio” (bedroom) versions of the following tracks:

Everybody’s Alright – This is a much better mix (thanks to Johnny Brocklehurst) of the song that’s been up there all along. A sea-shanty about space, it’s also a live favourite (the live version is on my website’s media page). Co-written and performed with Max Jones.

Leaf Fall Timetable

Another “blow-by-blow account of my life” entry

Though the Jones has left these parts and is even now speeding his wingful way in the direction o’th’capital, the smell of his crusty farts lingers in my room like a small piece of poetry, reminding me that he is but newly gone, the pans in the kitchen still wet with the washing up after our combined culinary fiestas.

Everyone I’ve asked whose opinion matters (the jones, me) indicates that this was one of the most successful Exeter visits yet made by the Italian Stallion. To further prelong the glory, I hereby recount in your direction the rough calendar of activities of the last few days, that future generations (me in two months) may know what transpired here…

Wednesday, June 7th
4ish The Jones dismounts his train and is found wandering Queen Street with nothing but a guitar case and a Sherlock Holmes style travelling bag he calls “Sherlock” or sometimes “Holmes”. We


Campfire songs can now be purchased online using technology! Simply depress the buttons strewn across the main site!

The Jones is here and asleep – but soon he will wake up and then we will party like a disco. We hope to see a quantity of you gentle folk down at King Ludd’s this evening! If you can’t make it, the internet ordering is there for YOU!

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And saying so to some means nothing…

Well, my goodness, yup. Yup. Mm. Words fail me again.

What you’re looking for is the third video down, the one entitled “Report: Rooney kicks ball in training”. And this is the BBC!

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