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Just a quickie

Sorry about the lack of updates, folks, and the offline-ness of this site! Blogdrive have been FUCKing around! But hopefully things should slowly return to normal now…

ie. me not updating anyway…

See youse soon?!

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I play the same three songs till I go insane

Since the dawn of time, man has asked himself one question: can you play Tetris whilst driving down the M5?

I can, of course. Ask me why! Here’s why: I have evolved beyond the necessity for the DS to play standard mode tetris. I can do it all simply by closing my eyes and embracing the ‘minos. I can even get approximate scores. I had a dream this morning in which I got a pretty unreasonable 106000.

Thanks to everyone who came last night. The general vibe seemed to be one of success, and several copies of various CDs were flogged to the unsuspecting consumer. We hope you’re enjoying them. For those of you who weren’t there, check out The New York Howl on My-fucking-space, they’re really good!

See you in a car wreck on the M5!

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I burden you with greetings

I’m sure you’re all on a knife-edge awaiting Thursday’s gig fest. I can confirm that Lizzie Parle will be on stage with the Jones and I for at least one song, so things are shaping up palatably, but in the mean time, as this is likely to be the last entry before the gig, it’s time for some facts we have observed of late, to tide you over. They may or may not become the subject of future discussion on this journal…

1) Darius Gaiden is the best game ever?!
2) ‘Erie Canal’, as revisited by Bruce Springsteen, has the most upsetting quality-of-song to quality-of-lyrics ratio EVER
3) Abertawe is a legend.

“I love legends” – The Jones

And here he is:

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?best film ever

So, I figured it out, why hot dogs come in packages of ten and hot dog buns come in packages of eight. See, the thing is, life doesn’t always work out according to plan so be happy with what you’ve got, because you can always get a hot dog.

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More Irony from the people who brought you ‘Snakes on a Plane’

This is looking like a great show (though I’ve only seen a handful of episodes), but I think it demonstrates a certain… appropriateness that the fictitious but nonetheless comparatively realisitc dramatisation of the american political process is actually more popular (and wins more awards) than the actual, real (but what is real?)

The time is ripe

Witness these two at Birmingham gigs in the next fortnight! Youd best!

16th August – At Ceol Castle, Moseley
24th August – At The Jug of Ale, Moseley (supporting Jeff Lewis!)

Come one come all!

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I thought I’d share with you the titles of some of the junk e-mails I’ve been getting lately. Ever inventive, these guys will resort to any tactics other than actually making sense to make you open up their wedges-o’-virus. Take ‘お金の流れ道。。。’, for instance. Surely only a cretin would open an email with a subject like that. Can we agree on this? And yet, someone must be opening them somewhere, or no-one would be writing them. Therefore the world is full of cretins? Such a length, yet every link rings true…

One of these cretins (if he were real) would be this man:

It says a lot about modern detective writing that Stanley Hopkins is now

We’ve got… high hopes?

John Humphrys’ blistering anger never fails to awake and intrigue me of a morning, and todays focus was no exception. Friends, Harrods has started its christmas sale!

This is, of course, another of the double-edged issues which plagues the modern universe. On the one hand, the idea of Christmas in August makes me curl up and beat myself with sticks. But I hate almost as much the hordes of moaning and indelibly British eejits who crawl, orc-like, from the ceilings as soon as this starts, bitching constantly about oh god it gets earlier every year, have people no decency, aren’t Harrods bastards, can you believe they’re doing this to us with 238472398472 shopping days left until christmas, oh what a state we’re in, etc

Well, I’m sorry Cromwell, but here’s how capitalism works: if the public (that’s YOU) weren’t buying it, they wouldn’t be selling it. Yes, it sucks, but it’s your fault.

Here’s to my inevitable piece of stocking coal. Let’s hope that comes early as well.

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Modern Life is Rubbish

This from the Sunday Times Style supplement:

How to do the festival chic

The way I see it, you can go two ways at a festival. You can go in there coiffed and made up to look gorgeous, then painstakingly try to maintain thatveneer. Or you can gradually, gloriously decompose from plush pulchritude into a skanky, sweaty, stinky wreck. Which is what most of us do, I guess. One tip for festivals: wipes. I love them. You can use them to remove make-up, clean underarms, as toilet paper – a multitude of sins. They’re brilliant. I like Olay, L’Or