Monthly Archives: September 2006

Here’s Johnnycakes

Well folks, I’m back in Exeter, and it’s good to be here. It has been quite a ride, and it isn’t over yet. We are, however, moving into an exciting new phase. Of riding.

A big thankyou to the large and generous crowd who were so nice to me at the lemmy last night, not once but twice! I’ll be back there next wednesday and I very much hope that as many of you as possible can make it too.

I’ll also be checking out the angel this evening… old habits die hard.

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Speaking of fish, check out the Jones and I taking on Giant Thing, a boss in Dairus Gaiden who loosely resembles a Sperm Whale:

We only used about 23987128937123 continues so we reckon we’re improving.

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The Myspace Slavery continues…

You can now hear ‘Cosmic Picaresque’, the signiature track of Campfire Songs, live on the interweb via the medium of Myspace. Also currently on the Myspace player are To Infinitives Split track ‘Everybody’s Alright’ and ‘Mellow Drama’. All three songs feature Max Jones and the latter also features Lizzie Parle.

The minor changes to the main site are now pretty much done, which is another sign that I’m focusing on all the wrong parts of this little music project of mine…

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Ding 38

Somehow I still find time in my life for World of Warcraft, although I suspect that once I’ve got Abertawe his mount the fun may have to come to an end. Such is the inevitable cost of a hectic rockstar career (or the anticipation of one) (or the hope of the anticipation of one) (anyway, moving on):

As you can see, the MIGHTY Abertawe, his new talent points solidly invested in making windfury weapon THE HAXIEST THING ON PLANET EARTH(/azeroth), has reached level 38. Two levels, 40 gold pieces and two PvP ranks away from the grail that is a Kodo to call his own. How much progress he’ll make towards that goal over the coming week depends largely on how successful I am at writing songs. Here’s a list of projects that are currently “dans le agenda” (french for “on the agenda”):


A Problem of Perspective

I know, I know, the pot shouldn’t be calling the kettle black. But:

“I believe that this group has the potential to be one of the biggest Pluto fan groups on facebook”


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Full Story coming later

And now, a public service announcement from the Jones:

Do not eat Tesco’s tinned Beef & Ale Casserole. It is a repast for numptys

This message was sponsored by Thyrombius Dimbleweed’s Hatte Shoppe: Hattes on, Hattes offe.

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More Cultural Insecurity

As all of you know by now, I’m a fan of grammar. Not in the Lynne Truss/Aunt Josephine sense, but purely in the sense of “I will track you down and kill you if you do that to an apostrophe again”. It’s science.

Another thing I like is Birmingham. Birmingham, where I’m from, is a great city and “on the up”, as they say – a fine place to spend one’s days.

That’s why it really annoys me when Birmingham’s main propaganda site displays the atrocious quality of grammar that you can subject yourself to by clicking here. What’s to do about this? Do I emigrate?

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