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Yeah…. yeah you’re gonna fuck an idiot.

Check it out.

Oh lordy lords. Rather than the content of this article, I’d like you TO focus on the way that random WORDS have BEEN put into CAPITALS and bold FOR no very good reason. It occurs to me that a significant percentage of people might be idiots because everybody treats them that way…

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Sweet dreams, sweet cheeks, oh tomorrow

Some of you may remember my several diverse constructive criticisms of the farces that were the (non-existent) Star Wars prequels. But this and this have demonstrated that for some reason, the resident population of Hollywood is still neglecting to read my blog on a daily basis (I know, I know), so it’s time for me to spell it out again.



Let’s take the second example first. Battlestar Galactica is probably the best show on television at the moment. This week’s episode, which I saw last night… well, I’m still getting over how brilliant it was. But remember, that’s an odds-off success. BSG is a remake. Caprica, if it gets made, will be a prequel of a remake. Does that phrase make anybody else afraid? I’m prepared to give Ron Moore the benefit of the doubt (he has yet to fail us) but I’m still unsure as to whether even his considerable talent can pull of


I really hate to bring the mood down on this blog, but this is a really important story which I think everybody should read.

It’s very harrowing, so use with caution.

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You need to see this

Watch as Jon Stewart holds his own against the bastard O’Reilly!

See it here…!

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More ridiculous dream nonsense

I had to get to today’s short film seminar, which started at 2:45 (it actually starts at 1) but there was a really interesting history program on (can’t remember what about). A bunch of people, including my dad and I, were watching it and it didn’t finish until about half three. I thought I should still go to the seminar even though I’d only catch a few minutes (for some reason it finished at four and was only 1hr15 long), but most people present said I shouldn’t go. However, since it was the first seminar of the year, we set out. We were in a sort of Indian reservation theme park place and apparently to get to their towns (where the seminar was?) they always had to jump through these big horse jumps. These were big wooden affairs illustrated thus:

The guide said that there were three of these jumps at every entrance to every native American town, to stop evildoers from getting in. He then explained the technique for jumping through them, which involved launching yourself diagonally from a short run-up and rotating yourself on your Y axis as you went through one of the openings. “When you hit the sand on the other side”, the guide said, “you’ll actually be going at almost mach 10”. A throng of tourists pushed past me as I hesitated, unwilling to make the jump. They all went through, though I don’t remember seeing anyone actually jump. I recall babbling on about how I had neithe rhte commitment nor the physical prowess to pull it off, but eventually the pressure from my Dad and everyone else was so great that I went for it. For some reason I had been given a large sort of crash-mat-rubber-ring to wear around my waist and I got stuck in the hole. The guide, now a woman, helped me down and I was very sarcastic about the benefits of the safety device. She said that the tour was ruined and took us to an underground place where she lifted the shutters on a well-stocked sweetshop in the wall of a very long corridor. She mentioned something about the other two jumps being subtler holes with progressively more attractive women behind them. She went away to check something and I made a joke to Dad about how I could handle jumping through the hole into the sweet shop. “If my life were a sitcom, that would be the end of an episode”, I remarked. Something else did happen but I woke up pretty soon afterwards.

This has been the latest dream installment..

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There is no God

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Settling in #2

We’ve been arranging the kitchen. Here is a list of the teas currently avaliable if you choose to stop by the house any time soon:

Yorkshire (hard water blend)
Spiced Chai
Imperial Spice
Christmas Chai Mix
Regular Chai
Darjeeling (twining’s and sainsbury’s)
The Earl
Lady Grey

I know what you’re thinking… no assam. You’re so right. I’ll pick some up next week.

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