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Them’s the rules

Well volks, it’s been a doozy of a weekend. Lizzie and Alice both represented in full force, and though they only got a taste of the southwest (ie. my house) their visit has allowed YOU to have a taste of FACTS. That’s right, the Cichlids are written, the violin is recorded and ‘Beyond the Aquarium’ (if we call it that) will soon be coming your way. Still hoping against hope to have it ready for the new year, but at the latest it’ll be out in early january.

To celebrate, enjoy this picture of one of the stars of our show, the orange roughy:

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Teh Updatenitz

Gentle folk, “Stuffed Animals” is now avaliable on the myspace site. It was written on sunday, taught to the band on monday, and recorded from tuesday to thursday, all of which adds up to the fastest production time of any FaceOmeter song ever. If you listen to it I think you’ll understand why…

More excitement reigns freely in the FaceOmeter camp as this weekend will see the hectic and inevitably exciting recording session for the Aquarium CD (still unnamed) getting underway. With

You’ve gone to pittle

Oh yeah.

A loaded week climaxed last night with me attempting to persuade several dozen desperte bond enthusiasts that what they actually wanted to watch was a midlands-born ginger debuting his new guitar strap (that’s not a codeword for anything) and singing songs about aliens. For some reason, they remained commited to the ideals proffered by Albert Brocolli and his successors, and I was left “out in the cold” yet again. It doesn’t matter though, because my guitar strap is brilliant. It’s red. Did I mention that?

Next week will see my all-too-infrequent blog posting reduce even further as I contend with the task of writing a short film and an essay about Shakespeare. You may have heard of Shakespeare, he was a

I have sick fancies, and I fancy I would like to see a child play

I promise that a proper update is in the works, but in the meantime i have more bad(/good?) news. Foretellings of my appearance at the catfish do this coming saturday were libelious! First the Chirstmas song, then AIDS day and now this… I’m dealing with some thoroughly unreliable types these days!

With another emphasis that none of this is my fault, I’d like to remind you that there are still ample chances to catch the FaceOmeter live experience over the coming weeks, not least this thursday at the Picture House, where I’ll be debuting my new red guitar strap. It’s red.

See you there?!

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Another text-heavy entry

Apologies for the lack of entries lately – they’ve mostly been very dry affairs, and I’m afraid this is no exception. It’s just to mention to anybody who may have been interested in seeing FaceOmeter and Friends playing world AIDS day, and asked themselves “is world AIDS day on November the 24th this year?” would have been correct to doubt the date provided by my website over the last few days. World AIDS day is, and always has been, on December 1st – we’ll still be there, and if you can make it please come down. It’s a worthy cause and all of that! Plus, we may be playing some new materials!

It’s you!
It’s me!
And there’s dancing!

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I wish that, like a dream skipping over the fields, I could offer you photographic evidence of last night’s FaceOmeter and Friends gig. I thought we did okay, and there was a reasonable team of people down there forming a crowd by the end despite the fact that it was reading week, so thanks very much to everybody who made it!

Thank you also to the American Public. Now let’s hope that the democrats don’t fuck this up.

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into the night &c.

No updates for ages! Sorry about that.

Greetings of the season to ye. As you may or may not know, the 6th of November is an auspicious day and requires me to spend several hours in the pub bitching about my stupid selfish life. But first, to my stupid selfish blog:

The online cost of Campfire Songs has soared to