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Console Wars TNG

Ladies and gentlemen, it is officially “on“.

And it’s the most exciting console war yet!

It’s not very exciting.

CAN SONY reclaim their massive victory in the last wars, where they sold almost three times as many consoles as Microsoft and Nintendo put together?! Will Microsoft just keep buying games developers until no-one has any choice but to buy a 360?! Will Nintendo’s weakass-graphics gimmickfest restore public confidence in them after the car crash that was the gamecube?!

You know me, I’m with

A Tune for You

Ladies, Gentleman, from the workshops of Max “Le Chapeau” Jones and FaceOmeter comes a new singing and dancing sensation called ‘Song for the Summer’. It’s online now at the myspace site, where I invite you to check it out, download it, and enjoy its scent. Whatever myspace has done to stream the file seems to have significantly reduced its quality so you can also get it from here.

And here, from the blog, are some photos of the arduous recording process:

Peeking Duck was the venue for Recording Sessions #1 and #3, seen here tastefully adorned with tealights and the 240 jaffa cakes we bought to keep us company (I still have about four packets of them left, by the way)

In recording session #2, Robanna’s provided some old school memories (ho ho) and a thrilling wood-panelled vibe. Note the jaffa cakes in the corner.

Max’s insane drumming antics quickly drove me to smoking, although in my haste i alighted (ahaha) on one of the packets of superman candy sticks we’d appropriated for some light refreshment. Seconds after this photo was taken, calamity ensued.

My graphic frustration at the lovely borrowed guitar we were using at Robanna’s.

Back at Peeking, Max and I go “Oo-ee-oo” and pose for arty shots such as this one.

Significantly less arty shots also occur at about this time

Max is the accordion child. Years from now, people will flock to the town square to hear his ditties.

Meanwhile, I provide the crucial Early Learning Centre Saxophone backing track. Without it, frankly, the song is nothing.

Then we were interrupted by that freaky monster from Pan’s Labyrinth. Fortunately we’d pretty much finished by then so he didn’t bother us too much.

‘Song for the Summer’ was written and recorded by Max Jones and Will Tattersdill, featuring Geoff Hudson on Party Poppers. It was produced by Will Tattersdill with thanks to Afleece Cooper and Neil Ogilvie!

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If there’s a better song than this out there, I want it caught and shot now. NOW!

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Pattern re-established

Sorry folks. Regular updates were looking really promising for a few seconds there, but it was not to be. However, I’m back in Devon and a number of missions are laid out before me. Most exciting amongst them is something I don’t think I’ve mentioned on here, which is that I have been tasked with 50% of the responsibility for the live music of a theatre adaptation of The Princess Bride. The play, which looks excellent (I’ve been allowed to sit in on a rehearsal) debuts, I believe, on

Have Jaffa Cakes got smaller since I was little, or has my mouth got bigger?

Greetings you waxy weirdos.

I’ve been playing some new games over the Christmas period using my christmas moneys of christmas. Oh cheer ye, oh cheer ye:

Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land (DS)
More of the same for us old skool tricksters, but on a hand held for palatable 3d hawk gameplay, and with a unique cartoon-y graphics style that staunchly refuses to take anything seriously. Love it. These days, even basic stunts are completely inconceivable, but it’s great fun and for the most part well executed. There are some annoying quirks, and the story mode is too short, but arcade mode remains a great timewaster. Oh, and there is an ‘8’ in the title representing the letters ‘ate’, so watch out for that.

Defcon (PC)
Introversion have taken strategy gameplay to the next level here, and I can personally confirm that the results are good. Defcon sounds quite boring, since all you see is a map of the world with some numbers on it, but it’s lies. Firstly, it’s a really pretty map, and the fonts are incredible. Secondly, it’s pure undistilled gameplay. Parkes and I had a real time game and I sat in front of all four hours of it because it was so ace of bass. This one is especially worth it because of the bargain bin price!

The Ship (PC)
For pure atmosphere, look no further than the ship, a game which owes a significant amount to Agatha Christie and Counterstrike, and that’s a twin accolade which not many titles earn. Rooting through the lockers of a ship to change your hilarious costumes is a game in itself, but the glory lies in shadowing and eliminating your designated prey with a weapon which earns maximum cash. There’s somebody hunting you as well, but that’s all part of the fun. Light hearted murdering genre-buster, no 360 owners neeed apply.

Dawn of War: Dark Crusade (PC)
I’ve only had this one since this morning but what always gets me about the DoW series are the combat animations. Watch as your units hack and slice into each other with spurts of blood and guts! Classic! Innovative new campaign strategy map inspired by campaign rules from the table top game surely develop further this exciting franchise, but where are the tyranids? WHERE ARE THEY?

Well that’s all I’ve had cash for. So until my next gaming splurge in circa 6 months, see ya!

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Your Gift

The aforementioned seasonal treat from camp FaceOmeter is now avaliable in the form of two new recordings. Both short songs about moving in to places – ‘Settling In’ and ‘Settling In #2’ – these rough ad-hoc bedroom performances are now avaliable on the music page of the main FaceOmeter site. Enjoy them, do!

The Jones and I take to the streets again in another last-ditch effort to record Song for the Summer. We’ll let you know how it goes!

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Jan 2nd, 2007: first creme egg advert spotted


I’m with these guys.

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