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FACT: Live music damages children

If you’ve ever enjoyed a FaceOmeter gig, or, thinking about it, if you haven’t, you should sign this petition.

Talking about it for too long will just make me very very angry again, and my system can’t handle another bile overload within the same 24 hours, so I’ll leave the talking to the Times.

Please, if you have any interest in the future of original music in this country, sign the petition.

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Award me a river

Well due to the hectic nature of the last few days, I only just got round to watching the Brits, which I’d managed to keep myself in the dark on for almost a week! Here are my three inane foolish observations on the subject:

1) That guy who presented it should decide whether he wants to be Jack Sparrow or Vince Noir and then stick to it.
2) The Scissor Sisters would be wicked if their music was good.
3) Snow Patrol: the new Travis?

Which reminds me; the campus paper recently described a band whose name I can’t even remember as “the new kooks”. Hopefully it shouldn’t take a thousand word essay from me for you to figure out what I hate about this. It’s nothing personal on the kooks –

Fun was had

Well, it’s all over folks. Here’s a picture of 14 of my new favourite people (and one old one).

It’s been really exciting to push the FaceOmeter vibe in this different direction, but I’m hitting “normal road” again this Friday with a big gig down at the North Bridge Inn, with Hannah Martin opening. I’m gonna tape this one so come on down! Kickoff’s at eight-ish…

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Well it’s been a while

Sorry! Really busy over here!

Hope y’all had good V-Days though..

“Are they doing what I think they’re doing?”

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omg omg omg

Best thing ever. I demand you watch!

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