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Ah, facebook

Oft times has a poorly-devised or a poorly-explained facebook group caused me passing irritation as I go about my daily business. Here’s one that’s both:

“Why go out in normal clothes,when you can wear fancy dress!”

Well, apart from the punctuation problem, the main reason not to join this one is that the answer (not that you’d know there was a question!!!!!111) is pretty obvious. If you did, then Fancy Dress would become “normal clothes”, wouldn’t it?! And then what would you have to be alternative and hilarious in, you excitingly-conceived individuals?!

Edit: Oh and here’s another great one! “Iran: Release our personnel now!” Those senior gov’t officials checking their morning facebook must be shivering in their shoes! Ooooo facebook will save us from world war iii! Nice one! &c.

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Why you should be a Liberal XIV

As everybody knows, we now vote for people instead of policies. Brilliant! What a healthy way to perpetuate democracy; why have ideas when you can have an image? &c. &c.

But even you foolish ape-children who’ve bought into this bollock should be liberals. Why? Because they win that ultimate contest of superficiality: THE NAME WAR. A-like so:

“Gordon” “Brown”
“David” “Cameron”
Menzies Campbell

You KNOW that only one of these is a “british prime minister name”. You yearn for the Britain where Prime Minister Humphrey St. Bimble-buttress dons his five-piece suit and steps out for a stroll round whitehall of a morning. IT’S THE ONLY COOL OPTION!

Come on, you superficial bastards!!

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I have the worst headache ever but I’ve managed to come up with two interesting new chord sequences which warrant further investigation. More importantly, however, Battlestar Galactica season 3 has finished, to which I have this to say: “!!!”.

Otherwise, it’s been a little slow down here. Preparations for my dissertation have offset the FaceOmeter cause somewhat. But fO&f did make a brief appearance on XTV’s “The Venue”, which can be seen here. You can see Jon being pretentious and you can hear me invoking 80s guitar legend Dave Dexter to sing along with ‘Californian Styled’. Frightfully exciting stuff, though the actual playing doesn’t sound up to much… We’ll be back next term, hopefully with some new materials!

Play up the night blue

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Fearful Symmetry

2001: Ginger juvenile plays counterstrike instead of revising for GCSEs; dreams of one day being a rock star

2007: Ginger adolescent plays counterstrike instead of writing undergraduate dissertation; dreams of one day being a rock star

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Come to Exeter; Study English

So far this year, the department of English has returned two out of five pieces of marked work to me on time. They have a large and difficult job to do, so I won’t say anything about their standards of timekeeping – but I know what they’d be saying about mine if they were even vaguely similar.

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This is the sort of shit I’m all about.

I’m back from Paris and there’s a new song in the oven! None of this means I’m going to update the blog any more frequently, of course, but perhaps one day.

Los Campesinos have a website.

Shigsy is amazing.

That concludes today’s linkfest!

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