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Not bad for a little furball, there’s only one left

Yes, it’s true. I dropped my phone in the sea. With it die years of hilarious photos that I didn’t put on my computer because I lost the cable, and most irritatingly the ability to take a photo of something I found on my way home this evening… a DAILY MAIL GRAFFITI TAG!

For those of you in the Exeter area, it’s on Howell Road, next to the Castle, on one of the dark green phone signal boxes by the wall. It’s a spray tag of the logo, in the right font and everything.

So… is it ironic? Was that question ironic? Is anything ironic any more? Was that question ironic? Is it now? How about now?

Let me know…

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Well, it’s been a while. To apologise, I offer you this to perk up your day (thanks Parkes). And some advice as well. Never try to understand special relativity.


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See you later baby

Oh for the worthy ‘ceps and manly manliness of Arnold Black-knife. For he is mighty.

With him being mighty and all, and me getting sudden chest pains whenever I move at the age of 21, it strikes me that maybe it’s time to begin a sensible excersise regime. Followed by, you know, becoming Mr. Universe, starring in Hollywood’s highest grossing blockbusters, and being elected to govern California.

All of these things are as likely to happen to me as each other, but let’s let the skinny guy in the corner dream of grandeur eh?

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Somebody set fire to Amanda Platell

Well, I missed April Fool’s day. Again. I noticed at 12:15, which is typical.

Still, it could be worse. Woman’s Hour are several days late!

Seriously, they’re really losing it (for a more full discussion of what “it” is, consult your local GP). This morning, they had a live debate between PLATELL and Kelvin Mackenzie, because the latter had been saying some pretty dicey things about women (for comic relief!). His opening argument on the show was that women should do more housework because “they’re smaller”, and so could see the dirt better because they were closer to it.

Now I don’t have a degree in fungineering or anything, but it sounds to me like he’s joking there?! And though Murray and Platell were sort-of laughing along, they were then making all these really guarded serious points about how women do all the work &c., ohhh roflbrothel kelvin you really are a card with your humour, but anyway did you know that 97.836% of women have to utilise cleaning products in their lives??

As long as the lifestyle feminism movement continues being completely immune to irony, it doesn’t represent a problem for us big men who like to beat our wives into shape*, but I can’t help wondering if all women are entirely satisfied with the representation that Woman’s Hour is giving them. Recent items such as “Grow your own vegetables”, “the enduring appeal of a good pudding”, and “Presents