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The March of Progress

FaceOmeter now has a presence on, the up-and-coming Internet radio milarky which I heard about on Radio 4 yesterday.

As I understand it, users download a client which spies on their playlists and makes determinations about their tastes. They’re then recommended similar bands, a process which of course streamlines the more people participate. So for that reason if not for the reason that I need exposure like an ostler needs his.. ostle… why not sign up your own self?


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All hail

So, where have I been the last few weeks? Well, up to my eyes in work of course – the life of an English student is not easy, especially when one is on an English course with no finals – but I’ve also been finding a moment here and there to worship at the vile and beautiful altar of Nintendo

Here’s what’s been going on:

1) The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (GCN)

I wasn’t exactly

Nobody steals our chicks… and lives…

An incredible sheeet of facts for you – thanks to Parkes as usual for the heads up.

Today is dissertation hand-in day so I cannot linger. I’ll be with you soon my lovlies!

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God I’ve missed this

I took a deep breath. “I had no idea decorating could be so dangerous”, I said, trying not to cry.

Thanks to Marc “Despicable” Abbs. No, we didn’t edit anything.

As a busy mum, a lost shuttlecock was the least of my worries

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Is it possible that Cameron only became leader of the Conservatives because someone realised they could do THIS pun? If so, how much do you think he got paid? Look at the modern conservative party with its forward-thinking technological approach to OH WAIT WHAT DOES THE WORD “CONSERVATIVE” MEAN AGAIN? ARRRGH

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Impregnate meeeeeeeeee!

This (NSFW, NO KIDS, STAY AWAY!) is the funniest thing I’ve seen in months.

…so anyway, there we were, at the X-Media awards. The Beffrinator and I were down, y’know, being ourselves, representing, enjoying the fine ambiance and picking up maybe a little award… oh yeah, that was us… right there…


ANYWAY, we were at the X-Media awards two nights ago, which for those of you not in the know is the annual event at which X-Net, XTV, Xpression and Exepos

Fearful, primal terror

Thanks to Amy Howell for locating THIS collection of Number Stations. Feel your nape creak as you listen further to them.

The current theory from Geoff and I is that it’s Fate herself reading out the next roll of every dice in the world…

Thanks also to the brilliant Lunch Box lady who gave us a copy of Stranger, that we might the better be informed of this sinister phenomenon!

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