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In Italia

Well just when I was getting back into the habit of updating the blog semi-regularly, fate has called me to Italy. I greet you from there and will return to shower your eyes with speech words in a week or so! All the best you feeble fools…

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yes I said yes I will Yes

A belated happy bloomsday to everyone! It’s been a bit of a crazy one for me, with two festivals played and another few hundred miles between them and home racked up on the old odometer. Thanks to everyone who came to both of today’s gigs, which were riotously fun! Tomorrow I actually don’t have to drive or get the train anywhere! It’s going to be good… you may even get a proper blog entry. And I have some new song ideas too… oh my… we’ve heard this before


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Okay this is the funniest one in ages!

Thanks to Parkes for the heads up

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My good friend Emily never stops bringing goodness to the FaceOmeter project. First, she brought the sensation artwork for Campfire Songs, but this time she’s really topped that by sending me this link to a knitting pattern for reusable pantyliners. Because, you know, you never know…

Meanwhile, Tony Blair has accused the media of being a dirty pack of braying wolves. Nice one. I’ll politely refrain from comment on that issue, but I love how channel 4 news saw fit to illustrate the point by getting some footage of Tony Blair, some footage of a press room, and some footage of some braying wolves (I’m serious) and putting it all together on a three-way split screen with a big question mark in front of it. It was the Day Today skit about ‘click ting stamps’, only they weren’t joking.

Who can blame channel 4, erstwhile saviours of intellectual television – they’ve had a bad week.

The Hectic June

Last night saw a triumphant return to Birmingham by the sadly-emptied FaceOmetermobile. I managed to go on tour without my house keys, mobile phone charger and shoes, so the journey home took an ad hoc diversion via Oxford where I witnessed not only the Fluggerbulgars perform some classic nonsense, but also Sylvester and Wesley performing some CLASSIC nonsense. How can two such hardcore people have two such nerd-ridden names? Anyway now I’m back in Birmingham facing the grim realities of money and housing and thoroughly disappointed with the fact that the last four days didn’t last forever.

I left facebook. It feels good. You should try it.

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Take three down…

Well I’m backstage in Bristol (which is also the front of house), so this is the first update of the jaunt FROM THE ROAD, as it were. Skipper is beside me ready to take money from the worthless saps who come to see us. Permit us to salute you. I hope tonight’s set goes well; last night at Exeter was a really fun one which featured some members of FaceOmeter and Friends as well as a crowd who were not only responsive but also incredibly generous with their hat donations. If you were party to that, we’d like to thank you very much for keeping us on the road! Also thanks to Eddie “The Legend” Landlord “Bridge Lord” Eddie, who is an all-round gentleman of the old school, and Jon “Hatwin” “Hatewynee” Chatwin, who inadvertantly did the sound all evening (and made a brilliant job of it too)! Really fun times, people, let’s keep it fresh

Gig Highlight: “Can you play Wonderwall? Let’s play wonderwall!” – Git at subsequent house party
Gig Lowlight: Cardinally messing up Lauren in an otherwise vibecentric set

And now, the Jones speaks: hello hello. lets do it all again plus 30 more dates. shit off a shovel mateys, i tells yer.

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omg omg it’s so true

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Parkes and I do science

Under discussion: how do we know the Earth’s mass?

John: maybe
John: they got to the south pole
John: then
John: put a pair of scales on it
John: upside down
Will: that’s completely ridiculous
Will: because
Will: since the earth probably weighs more than 5kg
Will: it’d go off the top of the scales
Will: and you wouldn’t know


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