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A Year Remembered

This has been a good one, kids. The smiles on babies, the twittering larks, the playful sheep.

Lots of personal nonsense has gone down this year, some of which I’ll now list in no particular order and with no real system of selection. I’m no longer an undergraduate. I’ve moved cities. Made some friends and lost some. Had my life saved by the Peug and bumped into Thom Yorke – both twice. Actually enjoyed a Valentine’s Day, started drinking coffee, got punched in the stomach by a taphead, worked in a cosmetic surgery clinic, saw Hoborg in Paris, smoked a candy cigarette, faxed a tenancy agreement from Tuscany, dropped a mobile phone in the channel, won an award for journalistic innovation, narrowly avoided execution, staked out a Harry Potter book launch, smelt the original manuscript of Frankenstein. Sat in my room. Sat by a river. Almost (but not quite) danced to Britney.

At the risk of being semi-serious on this blog (disgusting, I know), 2007 has been a year in which I’ve come leaps and bounds towards finally emerging from a protracted and incredibly painful “mental”. Big earnest thanks to all those who stuck by me during the last four years or so.

FaceOmeter hasn’t had a bad year either – as usual there aren’t that many new songs, but I’m proud of what we’ve got and there are plans for the future as well. We’ve had our first real press review and our first play on BBC radio*. We’ve toured Hectic Eclectic (if you call it that) (but we do), and are now clocking activities in VIDEO thanks to the new camera, for the glorious FaceOmeter Video Weblog, which I swear will be coming soon.

And of course the main thing 2007 will be, right until I die, is the year The Princess Bride happened. An updated photo version of the Summer Tour blog will be online soon!

All these and more are big parts of the one reason 2007 was “a good year” chez Tattersdill: events are not currently on a loop. This is progress. Things are happening. They may not necessarily be good things, but that’s of secondary importance right now.

My rollercoaster’s got the biggest ups and downs, as long as it keeps going round it’s unbelievable” – Kimya Dawson

Happy New Year.

Not necessarily the best things of this year, but the things that are most “this year” about this year-

‘Mrs Dalloway’ Woolf
‘The Renaissance’ Pater
Mansfield’s Short Stories
‘20,000 leagues under the Sea’ Verne
‘The Woman in White’ Collins

‘Two Shoes’ The Cat Empire
‘The Graduate’ MC Lars
‘Remember that I love you’ Kimya Dawson
‘Demon Days’ Gorillaz
‘Costello Music’ The Fratellis

‘Sympatique’ Pink Martini
‘The Mariner’s Revenge Song’ The Decemberists
‘Monochrome’ Yann Tiersen
‘Apolocalyptico-dramatique’ Tryo
‘Martha’ Tom Waits

Shadow of the Colossus
Zelda: Wind Waker
Team Fortress 2
Elite Beat Agents

*this isn’t a royal we. The current FaceOmeter demo only has one non-collaborative track on it.

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Dec 28, 2007: First Creme Egg ad spotted

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The FaceOmeter Christmas Broadcast

Well, there isn’t an actual broadcast. I might do that next year. If you’re lucky. But you should definitely check out The Queen, who is now on YouTube and kicking just as much ass as ever!

It’s been light on the blog here because I’m without my PC, but on a hemi-semi-serious note this seems like a good time to thank all people who bother to read these ramblings (hi jamie) for their continued commitment to, uh, these ramblings. Merry Christmas one and all!

PS. Those who mock science fiction are going to laugh on the other side of their faces when they are a pathetic dwarf underclass

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My heart pumping your blood

I am clearly a hardcore man, having just returned from London AGAIN.

Here is a picture of The Jones and Jim O’Reilly which I took during a conversation about last night’s Jeff Lewis concert at Cargo (feat. Misty’s Big Adventure) (and Emmy the Great):

That is all.

Edit: You really should click on that Emmy the Great link and listen to MIA, this woman has some serious talent

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3 x 11

Come with me as, bat-like, I take you through the last couple of days:

14th Dec
I wake up and eat what can only be described as “Six Rusty Tacos”. Absolutely Disgusting. Seriously. Never eat Tacos on an empty stomach after a twelve hour sleep. Then I get on the bus.


I arrive in London with what feels like nowhere near enough stuff and rendezvous with the Dapper Swindler in a delightful caf

I can no longer resist the pizza

Parkes dredged up these again recently. They’re all classics but the one I’ve linked there is a favourite.

DirtyKate: I’m almost finished with my shower… Hurry up!
Bloodninja: You can’t hurry good pizza.


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An Apology

I saw these two headlines on the BBC today, and thought what you’re thinking, to whit, “I really hope that’s not the same guy”.

I also have to apologise for this brutal situation, for which I accept no responsibility whatsoever:

The perils of a free blog.

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..but not completely dark

BBC Radio Oxford’s Download show will feature some hot FaceOmeter action tomorrow! Their correspondant will be “in conversation” with the editor of local music magazine Nightshift (which recently reviewed (p.22) some fO stuff – “the whole thing is all a bit cheesy … but it is also fun, and that’s all that counts”) about a number of demos, including one from yours truly. I believe it’s also highly likely that a track from it will get played ON AIR.

The show’s tomorrow (Saturday 8th) from 6 till 7, but if you’ve missed that it can be heard again for a week from this website.

FaceOmeter has always keenly endorsed the BBC, and although this isn’t Radio 4 it’s a step in the right direction! Do have a listen if you’re in the zone.

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And now I fear I must go dark

Well, it’s been an action-packed week. The Dapper Swindler and I have played three shows, been to see the Cat Empire (fantastic), drunk 14 jillion espressos, and even survived an oxford through-trip without being wronged by any tramps. But now the time has come for some brutal academic graft, from which i fear I cannot let the trivialities of the side of my life that’s actually fun deter me. Therefore I will see you on the other side! I warmly invite those of you who are so inclined to come down to paradise (London) on the 14th inst. to see The Jones and I do a special burlesque play supporting the Mystery Jets and many other classic acts*.

Those of you not in the smoke will have to make do with the first five episodes of the FaceOmeter Video Web Pod Cast Log, which will all get released at once as a sort of bastardised Christmas Present. On which note you should know that ‘A Slade Age Jade’, the FaceOmeter Christmas song, is up on the myspace site again, along with a new profile picture from the Princess Bride annals recently supplied by Sam “Ganja Ganja Ganja” Morris.

I can also promise you two or three new FaceOmeter treats over the festive season – about three new tracks are in the works including ‘Samuel Taylor Coleridge – A Life’ and the long-awaited ‘Irritating Maze’, but not until I’ve bashed out a quick essay about naiveity and cynicism in early edwardian imperial children’s literature. I’d like to dedicate that pretentious subject reference to Janos, whose fault it is.

* I hadn’t never heard any mystery jets music until today, I’m just trying to score cool points

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Coming Soon: Waiting for the Vibe

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