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As Promised

Despite computers blowing up (I hate OUCS) and getting fixed (thanks dad!) I have stayed true to my word, and present unto you the latest episode of fOwl. It took a while, but I think you’ll agree it was worth it, because now you have precious insight into the inner workings of the last Hectic Eclectic excursion. In Madrid with Cheka and Dynamo Garage (and Tom Jackson for some reason), adventures abounded – here is video footage of just a few of them:

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and so on

A lovely gig in Witney this evening at the delightful Eagle Tavern fun and vibe both abounded, and the drive home was especially nice due to empty night roads and the general awesome of the Peug. Tomorrow marks the beginning of the end of my course, but as those of you who know me personally may have come to expect my course is not the sort to die quietly. Updates will be sporadic for the next two weeks while I give it my all, though I have an episode of fOwl all-but-finished which I will be putting up quite soon!

See you on the other side my fellows!

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Two Cancellations

There have been two cancellations today – one is the gig announced on the 11th of next month with Anni Rossi in Cowley. Anni can’t make it here this tour, so the promoter has ditched the entire show – apologies to all concerned.

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More South Park Promotion

Made six years ago, the unnervingly prescient and entirely morally accurate episode of south park “Free Hat” remains deeply relevant to the present-day viewer. Even by South Park’s standards of episode, this is a remarkably good one, but it’s also so very in-line with my own thoughts on this subject, and so beautifully expressed, that I think it deserves special mention. At some point I’ll augment my rantings about South Park with a top episodes list – at the moment I haven’t seen all of them and it’s already looking like a difficult task!

I’ve linked an incredibly legal streaming site for “Free Hat”, but if you can find it in your heart to start buying box sets you really won’t regret it, and you’ll feel all warm inside. I’m ordering mine…!

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Some Pimpination

Good people, the magnificent Rosa Rebecka is having a bit of an album launch on May 31st at the Barbican Theatre in Plymouth. I can’t make it myself due to academic deadlines, but if you’re in that vicinity and not already going AND reading this blog (there probably aren’t many of you who fall into this category) then she definitely deserves an evening of your attention, especially as she’s promising amazing guest musicians. For those of you not in the know, she’s a Swedish-Devonshire singer/storyteller with a nylon guitar, a flute, and a really lovely voice. Do check her out even if you can’t make her gig, she’s got some moves!

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Journey to the Bakery

I know there’ve been a lot of videos going up lately, and I apologise to the crowd who routinely come to this blog for its high standards of witulant text genius. But it has already been a week since you saw the last episode of fOld, and I know you’re champing for another. This is the most awesome one yet, though it’ll be a while before you see another one because I’ve run out of Madrid delicacy footage and we’re going to have to start on the English stuff.

While I’m here, there are two episodes of fOwl currently in dev – episode 7 is more footage from the madrid trip, and episode 8 is a farewell to the jug. Expect to see them both in the next few weeks!

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More delirium

My thesis is in a tight spot, thanks for asking. I’m locked into a circular discussion about the value of art! Oh noes! For the uninitiated, the metaphor I’m pushing is the flumps one. You ever eaten three too many flumps? Or been trapped under a massive flump? There you have it.

Anyway, I’ve put up another Misty’s video from the other day – this is a song of theirs that I hadn’t really paid much attention to before, but it’s climbing the ladder to my favourite spot pretty rapidly! If you wan’t a high-quality listen they’re rocking it on their myspace page at time of writing.

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A delightful evening was had by all, I think, at the Oxford Punt. Following a chat with the lovely Ronan, who put on the evening, I feel I need to clarify that though I’m from Birmingham (and usually mention that fact at the start of gigs), I am resident in Oxford and have been for some time! So I wasn’t breaking the “oxford bands only” rule…

Unamplified gigs are always fun, as are gigs in bookstores (even halogen supermarket ones), so we did the special enjoy, as Max would say, before he headed back into exam season. Meanwhile I try super hard to flex the brutal thesis mode horror. And finish the album. You know how it is.

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And so, farewell

Last night we said goodbye to the Jug. Very sad times, and a fOwl episode on the subject is in the offing. But until then I satiate your need for the vibe by uploading a few misty’s videos, starting with this one:

A lovely evening, which video cannot convey – bittersweet and brilliant. Rest in Peace

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Also, try and see ‘City of Lost Children’ if you haven’t already, it’s really good

There’s a new episode of fOld out, everyone! Be assured that I am working on the new fOwl, and I know that Max and I are the only ones who think fOld is funny. But in THIS fOld I examine a crisp so strange, so bizarre, so orange, that you should take a look anyway…!

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