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Still on the streets, keeping it Pantis

Camcord has been a revolution in the world of FaceOmeter, and the FaceOmeter videos have become the main way of documenting my progress through the eerie and mysterious maze of life. For Pantis, The Dapper Swindler and I decided to bring out Camcord only for select occasions, not because we don’t love him but because sometimes photos and words are a better way of preserving memories. Here are some of both:

Sunday 15th June – Prologue – Oxford-Exeter
Busting our way into Devon’s capital like the smooth movers we are, our objective was simple: do some south-west side representing before the tour commenced proper. This began by representing for BT Exe Bridges, where we parked whilst trying to find Just So stories, which Sam’s housemate had incorrectly told us was on that evening. The first clue that vibey was in the air is to be found in the fact that this led to us exploring the ruins by ourselves. They are exactly like Shadow of the Colossus, one of the best video games ever. We ran through them shouting “AGRO!” really loudly.

The second clue about vibey was to be found in the North Bridge Inn, to which we retired upon the failure of plan A. Eddie was spinning the hats,

and kindly offered to put us up for the evening. We headed to the quay and the Prospect Inn – took our guitars just in case and were greeted with an Open Mic. The sound was good, the crowd was adorable, and we had a lovely impromptu fun time.

We returned to the Inn of love and bedded down.

By the end of the evening we were both doing a multi – there’s something about sleeping in your favourite pub that makes it even better.

Monday 16th June – Introduction – Exeter
Another day of pre-tour chilling began in the Dinosaur Caf

Post-Pantis Existential Shit

Horror at the fact that item 1 on my list of new year’s resolutions is not going to go down has been tempered by the fact that item 2 has already been achieved – the Pantis tour, which I think I can safely describe as a triumph, is over already, and I’ll be hitting this blog up with some intense travel writing pretty soon, amply illustrated by the digital skills of the Swindler.

So where does that leave FaceOmeter? Well, for the first time since I can remember there are no gigs at all upcoming on the myspace page. Having already fulfilled resolution number 2, I’m going to keep things that way so that I can really focus on trying to do some new material. It’s four years since the Garrag Sessions (not five, as I incorrectly announced last night). That’s enough to ruin everyone’s day, and as we played Hazy Recollection on tour – a song I still love – I was struck anew with an impulse which has been with me through the whole tour. I need some new material.

So while I’m closeted with that, and also moving back from Oxford to Birmingham, it’s time to reflect very briefly. We’re exactly halfway through the year, and I’ve achieved two and a half of my five resolutions. The album may be delayed, but I reckon FaceOmeter is right on target.

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Greetings from the Pantis Tour! A fully illustrated tour diary will be coming soon, but meanwhile here’s a fresh episode of fOld to keep you busy..!

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“Journalistically Twisting”

This is a brilliant story. It’s reassuring to see that Chris Martin exerts the same command over english in casual conversation as he does in his woeful, meaningless lyrics.

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So I guess I’ll just keep on heading home

Well, the brutal is dispensed with. Two things have happened as a result – firstly, I’m reading a book for fun (The Inimitable Jeeves, if you want to know), and secondly, I’m afraid the album launch party is going to be delayed. After the staggering overestimation of my own abilities posted recently I’ve today come to terms with the fact that the last nine months have left me entirely drained, and I need to spend this time before Pantis chilling out instead of cacking out some tunes I’m not going to be happy with.

The good news is that Pantis is finalised. Here are the dates:
17th June – North Bridge Inn, Exeter (Genevieve Robinson Birth Celebration)
18th – Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge (Summer Ball – tickets hard to get)
19th – Catweazle, Oxford (an open mic, but it’s a good one so it counts)
21st – Access Festival, Southampton (we’ll be in the beer tent – of course)
22nd – World’s End, London (a Broken Toy music spectacular)

Super fun happy times ahead! I’ll be accompanied by the Dapper Swindler for some to all of the frivolities, and all the gigs are cheap to free, so if you get the chance, come down and see us!

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Irony is dead

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Le Plug

Skipinder “The Skipleru” Skippson over at The Magic Lantern reports that choice gleanings from their forthcoming EP can now be experienced over on their myspace page. I’ve checked the check and I can tell you right now that you should check the check as well! They seem a little distorted, but that’s just myspace/my computer pissing around I’m sure, and the new instrumental arrangements are truly wond’rous. I recommend ‘A Man and His Dog’.

More heartily, I recommend diving into The Oxford, London (confusing) on the 14th of July to get yourself a copy and see them in concert! I’ll be there!

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Through the Valley

As the brutal marches ever onwards, I feel compelled to give you a little album update. Just, you know, a small one. There are two tracks left to produce, one to record, and two to write. It may sound like a lot. But! I have ideas for the two I’m writing now..! One is about a duck. More later.

Will I achieve this preposterous goal in time for mid-july’s launch, especially given my generally slow writing speed? Well, to be honest, yes. On monday I finish the course which has been consuming 80% of my time for the last 9 months, and I’ll have just over a week to focus on nothing except nailing the last bits of the album. Where the album may get delayed is in the artwork, mastering or printing phases, which I’ve outsourced (sell-out!) and which I can’t control, mainly because I’m relying on the generosity of others.

Trying to pull all these threads together, I’m reminded of why FaceOmeter is fundamentally a solo project – partly my own inability to organise or be organised, partly that people who don’t share the dream don’t always pull through. It’s selfish of me to expect them to – FaceOmeter is my project – but To Infinitives Split is primarily a celebration of collaborative work, which I believe in a great deal, so it would be a shame for its “message” if the album comes out late. That disclaimer aside I’m pretty confident that it will be ready in time… but if it isn’t it’s not my fault because I am flawless and someone else is to blame!

Perhaps collaboration has more advantages than I suspected…

More (proper) updates after monday..!

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