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The Enormous Granny Smith

Well here I am, folks, in the United States. A truly fantastic country which I’ve been away from for too long. Internet access is limited here so this is more of a reminder-list of the things I do have to tell you about when I get back. Of course, we’re working strenuously to keep The ABBA Confusion blog up to date (read: I am streunously nagging Oliver to do updates and not having much luck) but I’m also having my own solo adventures which include (but are not limited to):

  • My largest-yet artistic crisis

  • The best cellphone ever ($10)

  • The Chrysler Building

  • The Lion King

  • The New York Subway System

  • Shit Hotels vs.

New York Show

FaceOmeter fans over the pond may be interested to know that whilst there principally to serve the purposes of the ABBA confusion (hot new vids up, check them out!) I will be making the odd appearance as FaceOmeter, and the first of them will be on the 22nd of this month at the Brooklyn Tea Party, who have very generously squeezed me onto the bill of what promises to be an extremely exciting gig. One and all are welcome, of course, and English FaceOmeter fans? You’re all welcome to fly over. Seriously. Be great to see ya.

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I swear these guys aren’t paying me

Parkes introduced me to a site you should know about called Good Old Games – they take good old games (!), make them suitable for modern operating systems, and put them up for DRM-free download at outrageously low prices ($10 or less), often accompanied by their soundtracks and other bonus content.

This is especially amazing news for those of you running old laptops and stuff because even an antique is going to ace most of the games they sell, which include the first two Fallouts, MDKs and Earthworm Jims as well as Freespace 2, which I just bought for 4 quid and am about to enjoy. Heads up, people, it’s the digital age.

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Two In One Day

Re: the previous, here’s another for you.

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Drink it down; burger brown

Check this yeah?

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The Audacity of Change

I said I wouldn’t blog on this too much, but the ABBA Confusion has opened its doors with this blog and this rather exciting web trailer, and I just know you’re going to be interested.

Ollie has left for foreign shores already and I’ll be joining him soon. What on earth will go down? I shudder to think.

Check it all out!

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A Nerd Speaks

It’s not like me to complain. Okay, okay, it is like me to complain. What I don’t usually do is complain about the networking aberration facebook, partly because its deficiencies are already well known but mostly because weighing into the furore on either side makes you look like a bit of a wanker. Complaining about this one is much like moaning about the demise of imperial currency, with the important difference that decimalised currency seldom if ever held you down and sold all your personal information to the highest bidder whilst simultaneously explaining to you in a level voice what some guy you haven’t seen for three years and don’t care about was doing in a club in Cardiff last night.

I jest! Facebook is a powerful networking tool which allows you to keep in touch with your friends, and probably isn’t using your personal data for anything sinister! Seriously, since the helpfully alienating god-awful re-design it’s become much easier to just try and forget the bloody thing exists. However, you still need to venture inside sometimes, usually when somone sends you a message on the bloody thing (I still have e-mail, folks) and on my latest excursion I found THIS:

100 million active users. With Facebook’s highly targeted ad system, how will you connect with them? Learn more here!

It’s an ad for ads, and i’m going to Tradedescriptionsact1968 these guys, because if there’s one thing the ads I’m getting on Facebook aren’t it’s “highly targeted”. Granted, the bloody thing has figured out I’m single, which I’m not listed as (it probably saw Star Trek in my ‘favourite shows’ listing and did the maths – credit where it’s due) but there’s probably more of a disconnect between my choice for ‘political views’ (“very liberal”) and the ultranationalist ads for the country’s “fastest growing political party”, featuring a nice racist St. George cross beneath the question “English, not British?”

Now scantily-legitimised neocon bollocks aside (would that it were possible) this ad simply is just not for me. And seeing it near a photo of me is starting to wind me up – not just because I’m not a racist, zenophobic, homophobic, mysogynistic, backward-looking dickwad, but also because I tend to feel that if you’re going to spy on me in order to send me the most brutally efficient, cynical, personalised advertising package that has ever threatened mankind, you should at least, you know, get it right.

Oh, and just because I’m single doesn’t mean I’m ready to use mate one. Yet.

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