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Remember this fellow?

We’re just a month or so away from the third birthday of Campfire Songs.

It’s deeply traumatic for me that I haven’t released a CD for three years, but thanks so much to everyone who bought a copy of this one! It’s now sold out! We didn’t make mad cash, but merch sales are how bands eat on tour and Campfire Songs has pretty much been our only merch for our last few tours…

For at least the last two years, I’ve been apologising to people who buy the EP, and I probably haven’t helped sales when, advertising it onstage, I’ve been like “this record is a bit shit”. I just listened to it again, though, and I feel fuzzy enough about the thing to make a bit of a recantation. I’m proud of Campfire Songs – there are really basic things I should have done which would have made it made it much better (mastering), but I think it’s a good listen and I’m thrilled that so many people now have copies. I hope you all enjoyed it!

To celebrate its demise as physical media, and as an experiment in digital distribution ahead of To Infinitives Split, Campfire Songs will shortly be available on iTunes (all regions except Japan) and via Amazon’s MP3 download service. Pricing varies by region and supplier and is not set by me, but I do get a very generous percentage of the income from online sales, so…

…if you want to support FaceOmeter but didn’t get the chance to buy a physical copy of Campfire Songs, please consider grabbing it online! I’ll let you know when it’s up there, but I’m told it will be in about three weeks. Below the picture is some background and pretentious wordflap about the record.

Campfire Songs for Beginners

For the uninitiated, Campfire Songs is a horribly overambitious concept EP which tells the story of three travellers who meet by chance in a forest and decide to do some storytelling of their own. How it works is that the Introduction sets up what you might call the ‘overworld’ (too much Zelda) and then each subsequent track is the story of one of the travellers.

It’s the kind of pet project I come up with quite often, and they very seldom make it to actual production. The fact that this did is due in large part to the production work of Johnny Brocklehurst, a true man, and our story is here. This record would also be nothing without Sarah Galletly and

All Saints? Really?

I just saw The Beach for the first time. It’s a film with a two-syllable title, and I’d like to thank Jay for making me watch it. I SHOULD HAVE KNOWWWWNNNNNnnnn

Anyway I gather from scattered conversations since that I was the only person who hadn’t already seen the thing, so having not read the book (I suspect, purely from having seen the film, that the book was quite good?) I have some basic questions. They include spoilers, and are as follows:

a) Why does the farmer let them stay on the island in the first place?
b) Why does Mme. Francaise get it on with Leo’s really rather irritating character (face it) when her boyfriend is superior in every measurable sense?
c) Would you have had sex with Tilda Swinton in that situation?
d) How 90s were those iMacs at the end ROFL?!?!?!

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You didn’t hear from me yesterday. Here’s why:

Now, I know it’s unfair to judge a game you haven’t finished, but I’ve been waiting for Okami Wii for literally years, so it had a lot of expectations to deal with when Geoff and I finally picked it up yesterday.






…I can’t speak for the PS2, but if you own a Wii and like adventure games and don’t own this, then, well, shit.

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The Big News

Okay everybody!

It’s becoming progressively more official! July 28th, already disclosed as the album launch date, is now also the definite date of the album launch GIG!

This will be no normal FaceOmeter gig – I’ll actually be on a stage, and headlining, for once! There will be lots of special guests, and a large backing band to facilitate some of the bigger songs! It will be the first place you can get your hands on the new album, there’ll be some videos, and I can already promise you high-class support from THE MAGIC LANTERN:

(who is very generously helping to organise the party)

…and I can more tenuously suggest the possible presence of GABBY YOUNG + OTHER ANIMALS:

(who is very generously helping to organise the party).

The venue is in Ginglik, Shepherd’s Bush, London. This is a delightful venue, and me playing in it looks alarmingly like THIS:

(but imagine a full backing band behind me)

Ginglik is excellently connected to London transport and is also 3mins walk away from the Oxford Tube stop, so, Oxford Dwellers, you have no excuse (it’s the best bus ever, so it’s already worth it)!

I really want to get the party atmo going at this one – I view it as the culmination of everything in the FaceOmeter story so far. It would be amazing if everyone came along to this one – we’re going to try and keep the door charge low and just all have a really great night.

Sorry for the hard sell, but – you should come! Tue 28 Jul 2009, 8pm, Ginglik, London.

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The Continuing Adventures Of

Well it’s been what you might charitably describe as a fairly intense 48 hours, and there hasn’t been a lot of time for web-based catchups even though I’m once again installed in the homestead. FRET NOT though, for as a cop-out, I can offer you this link to semi-artistic pictures of us playing in Faro, generously provided via Myspace by lonelystardust.

Enjoy, and I promise I’ll be on soon!

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Have Lesbians Stolen The Identity Of Cliff Richard?

I wrote a poem today. This doesn’t happen very often, and I wish I were better at it.

Thanks to Sophie for this, which I thought I’d share with you all. Classics are to be had!

Many have been FaceOmeter’s exploits of late, and and some point you will hear about several of them. For now, though, at a careless comma,

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Okay everyone, it’s a poorly-kept secret no longer:

‘The Irritating Maze’
feat.MC Lars
(and more besides…)
JULY 28, on ‘To Infinitives Split’
The FaceOmeter Debut Album

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Please note that tonight’s FaceOmeter show at the Flea Pit in London is CANCELLED. This is because I’m so ridden with man-flu that walking over to the computer to type this is making me feel dizzy.

The rest of the show is still going on, and an evening of poetry and music awaits anyone who’s still willing to step down to Bethnal Green. I strongly advise you to do so!

I have a certain degree of professional pride in FaceOmeter’s hyper-low gig-cancellation rate (I think this is the third ever) and this is a decision I’ve reached with great reluctance. See you next time!

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So here’s what I’ve been doing

It’s true, kids.

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Argh argh argh

I’m so excited I can hardly sit down. Here’s why:

That’s right, kids. We’ve been hanging the hell out at the Black Country Living Museum, which the Birmingham-emigrees amongst you may remember from when you were ten. Good news, it still exists! And it’s even more awesome because Ben Smith is less likely to throw up on your leg on the bus back to school!

Our 1920s-fest began last night when we went with Oliver “Cadbury’s 99 Flake” Pyper to see the CBSO doing a live soundtrack to two Charlie Chaplin films. The Cure was constant laughter, whilst The Circus was an extremely clever film with a lot going on. The last shot where the Circus drives off (start at 4:50) is bloody unbelievable. But more importantly men were chased by a horse quite a lot! LOL JOKES!

Props to Oliver for being literally the only person in Symphony Hall (capacity 2,262) to laugh at one particular moment. It was extremely loud and everyone looked over at us. It was fantastic.

Today Roxy and I joined forces with a friend I’d best not name or put up photos of in case she gets offended cos I don’t know her very well and we went to the aforementioned museum. We had 30s fish and chips, met horses (which didn’t chase us), bought original-recipe homemade victorian sugar mice, went to a 20s cinema and saw another silent film, went down a mine, visited a fully functioning period fairground, and perhaps most importantly played BALL STRING CUP, the best game ever:

My thumbnail still hurts. BEST DAY TRIP EVER. I haven’t even mentioned the brilliant Dudleyites in full period costume explaining everything and driving around on 1910s motorbikes. Basically, you should go. And go in period costume or at least a nice hat if you want massive respect from everyone < >

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