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A quickie

Down on the right hand side of this page, and also at other points throughout the FaceOmeter web empire, you will now see PayPal buttons to order copies of the now-released new album!

Shipping is free within the UK, and costs

Okay… THIS is the last blog post for now

“To share videos, that is everything”- Descartes

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Last Blog Post for now

Ladies and gentlemen. The CD is at the printers. The band are rehearsing (I hope!). My train tickets are booked. It is nearly over.

For those of you just joining us, and I promise this is the last time I’ll say this, the ‘To Infinitives Split’ album launch is next Tuesday, July 28th. I picked this date because it’s exactly 18 months after I recorded the first part of ‘The Irritating Maze’ – in the story that song tells, the maze takes 18 months to build, so everything is nicely meta.

The album has been every bit as irritating as the maze, and organising this gig has been just as bad – but despite several false starts and some disappointments, nearly everyone has really stepped up, which is amazing, and I think I can safely promise an incredible evening on the horizon…

The show will kick off with the clarineto-acoustical jazz-folk musings of antipodean singer-songwriter Jamie “Magic Lantern” Doe, a good friend a former schoolmate of mine. Then it’s on to the extremely powerful costumes and vocals of Miss Gabby Young, who will be singing about animals with her brilliant cabaret-rock orchestra. I’ll do some stuff by myself, with the Dapper Swindler, and with Gabby’s band, all of whom have been very generous with their time! There will be a few other guests, and hopefully also at least one book/poetry reading!

In short, it will be a great show. You can get in for

Some North American Things I’ve Been Meaning To Mention That I Like

Now we all know that Britain is the best country in the world (it contains Birmingham, people), but what if it wasn’t? I’ve heard tell of a continent to the west, far over the wine-dark sea, which when not making us kneel before its imperial might is often with the producing of the brilliant things.

I now list my top three of these things in no particular order:

  • This American Life
    I discovered this show a few months ago (thanks Andrew), and I’ve been trying to think about something bloggy to say about it, but basically if I need to convince you, you aren’t worth convincing. IRA GLASS IS MY GOD
  • NASA’s Apollo 11 Live Radio Project
    You can listen to the historic flight in real time eactly forty years on, second by second. So I heard them blast off yesterday! They’ll be landing on Monday! If you don’t think this is the coolest thing yet to happen using the internet, you are an idiot!
  • Hark, A Vagrant
    Nobly repping the non-imperial part of the continent in question, Kate Beaton is a talented artist, but, more importantly, she did a funny about Jacques Cousteau! And, to continue our Austen theme, you can’t miss this.

Have you seen something incredible originating from the left hand side of the big blue bit recently? IF SO LET ME KNOW

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The Tangled Web

Over at Myspace you can now listen to two tracks from the new album, ‘Stuffed Animals’ (it’s a remixed, remastered version, for those who are vexed because that song’s been up there for years) and ‘The Irritating Maze’.

They were recorded and mixed by me in Exeter, Oxford, London and Birmingham and mastered by John Jones in Exmouth. The latter track guest stars MC Lars and Jim Greer (Berkeley), George Wigzell (Leeds), Genevieve Robinson (Grantham), Alex Jackson and Lizzie Parle (Birmingham), The Hectic Eclectic Folk Choir (London), Jay Southwood (Adelaide) and The Dapper Swindler (Bonassola). Peace.

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“And besides, we mustn’t busy the roads more than is absolutely necessary, lest we lose more horses and carriages to the unfortunate scourge that has so troubled our beloved Hertfordshire of late”

In an effort to make a post which isn’t about the upcoming album launch (on 28th of July at Ginglik!!!!!!), allow me to mention this book, which I had the pleasure of flicking through today courtesy of Parkes.

I have by no means read it – but I’ve read the ‘study questions’ at the back, and I’m convinced. I personally have had the unjustifiable feeling that zombies are a bit, you know, easy these days. And this was probably quite easy to do, if time consuming. BUT IT HAS STILL BEEN DONE. Check it out.

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The Countdown Continues

Two weeks until the album drops! And as if by plan (it wasn’t – ‘by plan’, this should have happened about two weeks ago), today saw the (eventual) creation of the final master CD – the CD from which all the retail copies will be cloned. In other words, the audio aspect of the album is now totally finished.

Naturally I was pretty chuffed as I yoinked it out of the CD drive, and I popped the top off my special CD writing pen to write ‘Final Master CD’ on it in large, proud letters. But the top popped right off – flying underneath the desk and immediately vanishing in amongst the seven thousand wires which are necessary for my computer to work.

These pens dry out quickly without their lids, so under the desk I went. My torch had no battery power at all, and it took about ten minutes to find the cap, during which time I inadvertantly pulled the internet wire out of the back of the computer, causing my iTunes track upload to fail.

All is well now, but that was an ENTIRELY fitting end to a PAINFUL day, and, in fact, a painful four years of on-off horror. There is more horror to come, but whatever anyone says or does now, the album exists – for the first time, I can touch it. That’s a good feeling:

More soon.

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Released to the Press

Just in case any of you run zines, blogs or national radio networks, I attach the press release for the upcoming show. Be there!

PRESS RELEASE: 12th July 2009 – Album Launch

Solo singer-songwriter or bizarre musical collective? FaceOmeter to release debut album in one-night-only gig explosion.

Ginglik, Shepherd’s Bush. 28th July 2009 (8pm): Since its inception, FaceOmeter has mostly been the eccentric folk/antifolk/storytelling project of one man

I love my country sometimes

So it’s all online and text-auto-update digital these days, but, data, that takes away none of the wonder:

“Hilfenhaus to share the new cherry with Johnson – big, strapping
right-armer from Tasmania, seven Test wickets at an average of 52.2.
Hilfenhaus strays onto Cook’s pads and is whipped away for a few.
Hilfenhaus close to the off-stump, but Strauss knows his onions,
although that did just shape back in. Bit of width from Hilfenhaus, and
Strauss twirls him through backward point for two. Hint of swing from
the Tasmanian, but just a hint…”

Yeah so I’m absolutely certain that this is an England year. Those Aussies have nothing. We will definitely win. Our victory is certain. Nothing can go wrong.

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More Online Action

Exciting news – tickets for the upcoming album launch show can now be booked through my favourite online ticket vendor, We Got Tickets. Book them now and you’ll save ONE ENGLISH POUND at the door. Yes..!

Ceridwen and I finalised the inlay art for the CD yesterday, and I think you’re going to like it. Come and be the first to get your hands on a copy of the filth!

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