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FaceOmeter enters “tangible, actual” world of CD sales

For the first time in history you can now go into a shop, browse through the CDs in it, and find one by FaceOmeter.

Admittedly it’s only one shop, and if you’re reading this you probably already have the CD that’s there. BUT THIS DOESN’T MATTER. Why? Because Videosyncratic is a brilliant, brilliant place. It is a video (“dvd”?) rental shop which also sells graphic novels, comics, and local music.

Some of the lifeblood of Oxford’s scene pumps through this place, so go and check it out. And hey, if you still don’t have the album, hate digital media, live in Oxford and want to save on postage – an unlikely string of contingencies, I admit – then head down there!

Today is my first day off in quite a long while and I used my trip Videosyncratic to buy the latest installment of THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t remember now if I’ve gone on and on about this on here before, but it really is terribly good you know. I am aware that as someone who owns seven graphic novels, four of which are by Alan Moore, my opinion is both valueless and clich

I believe in Yesterday

So last night I got to hang out for some precious moments with an old friend of yours and mine…

Yes..! As this terrible photo indicates, MC Lars was at the roundhouse in London! I look tired because at this point I’ve been going since 8:30am (on stuff at least partly connected to Freud, incidentally) and I just missioned it up from the Strand after a seminar to see his show (which I missed).

I’ve become so busy in the few months since we toured together that it really was like having another life back for an hour. DJ, the failsafe boys, and Rob and George were also there, and all deserve honouring on this blog. The whole thing was a fabulous reminder of the good people and times that are out there for those prepared to seek them!

I look forward to Lars’s next visit, when, I assume, we will build a house entirely of breadsticks and live in harmony in the woods. PEACE YO

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Two Pads

Yes, I know. I’m a terrible correspondant. I have two jobs and am doing a full time degree.

But I want you to know that I’m still taxing musical things at every moment possible. Prove it, you say? Well how about this sodding jam I did with Triple Rosie last weekend? I wrote the lyrics on the shitter because I’m punk rock.

I’ve also been cooking up some solo shit and some stuff with Sam Taplin. All coming up this hour. Stay, with us.

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Consequential FaceOmeter news soon, I promise.

Housemate and musical ally Roxanne “Muh muhmuh muh muuh” Brennan departs tomorrow (today) for New York, city of dreams. You may recall that I once did that, with slightly less than dreamy results. But Roxy will have a much better time than me – for many reasons, but mostly because she’s a lot better than I am at music.

Those in doubt – she’s meeting up with ally Chris to re-form The World is Not Flat, a group who I’ve ranted about before and with good reason. They’re playing shows all over the north-eastern USA, and I strongly recommend watching their myspace for details and hopefully some new tunes at some point!

Back in Blighty, Catweazle is 15 on Thursday. FIFTEEN. When Catweazle began, I was in PRIMARY SCHOOL. They are celebrating with “Hatweazle” – a night where you have to wear a great hat, and where you must play new material. I have plans for both contingencies, and I very much hope to see you there.

Edit: Matt Sage provides a brilliant interview about Catweazle twenty-ish minutes into this show on BBC Oxford!

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Quick Pic Fix

This blog is proving a most imperfect chronicle of current times – things are so busy and so many that any accurate reportage is kinda falling by the wayside. I will try to stick something proper on here in due course, but meanwhile here’s a picture kindly sent in by Wes of Colchester. It’s from the tour I did with MC Lars earlier this year – you can tell this because the stage is really well lit and the photo looks positively professional…

Thanks to Wes and all at Street Team Promotions. Proper update later…

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The WC

That’s the West Country, for the uninitiated (Eddie “RIP North Bridge” Coate taught me the hand gesture) – although interestingly, the other WC was heavily involved in the events of this weekend by virtue of last night’s somewhat stonking curry. Enjoyed with former housemate “Geoffrey the Beffrey”, this particular Spice Magic return transported me to new levels of joy, pain and toilet – levels which continue even now, some 24 hours later.

But let’s back up – this was a trip to Exeter, to a music festival at the Double Locks pub. It wasn’t something I was looking forward to. I’ve done a lot of travelling lately, I’m not feeling great about my live material (FaceOmeter is now officially on haitus pending new songs), I had no particular personal investment in the gig, there’s a lot of other more mundane stuff happening to me right now, the previous evening had been pretty shit, and so forth. The day dawned grey with flecks of autumnal rain and the walk to the train station in Oxford proved dispiriting, with insufficient time to procure a sandwich before boarding.

But clearly I still have not learned the teachings of Five Figs Down. The party isn’t over until the vibe says so. After two days of river walks, cosy mill visits, video games, dogs, the moon, food, drink and good people, I am returned re-energised for the coming days. A guy on Queen St wanted a high five from me, and didn’t get one. An incredibly drunk middle-aged woman wanted me to dance to a brilliant Dad Rock band playing Rolling Stones covers, and may have been marginally more successful (she then pretended to go down on me before throwing up and passing out, and I wish I could say that that was the most alarming thing that’s happened to me lately). Geoff and I pissed in a river, the Let’s Do cafĂ© was visited, and I was gloriously reunited in Exwick Mill itself with Jess “Buttercup” Maidment and a piano.

The technical burps were the return journey (Sunday, trains, Britain, don’t, not ever) and the PA (adminstered with enthusiasm if not ability by a man who certainly wasn’t called Jarvis). I solved the first by learning lots about the scientist and musician William Herschel (1738-1822) and the second by playing unamplified whilst standing on a table in the pub beer garden, depicted (by Geoff’s iPhone, la de da), thus:

Google Earth is the first thing I’ve seen that’s made me want an iPhone, by the way. But for it to really convince me, the screen is going to need to be twice as big.

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Like, famous and shit

The BBC just let me know that they broadcast ‘The Irritating Maze’ on Radio Oxford last week. I’d sent them 3 tracks and included the maze in a sort of desperate ‘why not’ moment – knowing that all 8 weird minutes of it have been played on BBC radio, even if only locally, is a really good feeling for me.

I’m described as “a bit mad, but pretty awesome”, which will do.

You can hear the show in question here, although only for one more day as of today unfortunately. Naturally, the song can also be heard if you download from iTunes &c. or pop over to the myspace page.

(Or if you want the keepsies subscribe to the BBC Oxford Introducing Podcast)

edit: for graphic footage of my jumper, check out this gem from the Introducing archives…

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