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Demo Tracks Online

I’ve posted (very) rough recordings of three new songs over on the FaceOmeter Myspace page, to convince myself that something new is happening in my musical world!

Check them out! I have a few more half-finished numbers I want to sit down and nail over the next few weeks, so who knows, the collection may even expand…

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The title will come, I very much hope

I’ve been working on this since at least last November. The same is true of an episode of fOwl which I hope to have with you in the next few days. Meanwhile:

So I’m standing on bridge that I feel I made myself
In recesses of some solipsistic dream.
The twilight seems ethereal, the landscape immaterial
But the handrail is real enough, it seems…

I so easily could have been underwater
Filling up my lungs with the inky black,
But now i’m gulping down the breeze
Listening to snippets of unfinished melodies-

Of bicycles and bent bread knives this bridge is surely made
Of kitchen foil and hazard tape and glue.
There’s no way it should stand to connect these chunks of land
But believing in thinks sometimes makes them true…

And cardboard it creaks as we peek through the water,
Our feet are dry and firmly pressed on slowly-swaying ground.
Reflections in the lake below
Of everywhere we’ve come from, everywhere that we might go.
But right now we’re here, standing clear above the water,
United for one moment in the to-and-fro of time.
It’s like with kids with paints again,
The pictures look no better but we love them just the same.

And there’s a world of humdrum hate and paperwork and resigned fate
Ticking over, all around these shores.
It’s not like we have to agree, or even sing in harmony,
To make our voices heard above its roars…

But it’s pretty tough, staying up above the water,
Fighting all these forces from within and from without
And even now this bridge could crack,
Tumble into nothingness and never come back.
But meanwhile we’ll dance a little harder than we oughta,
Through seasons that we’ve seen things change, from sun through storms and snow
With nonsense as our trusty guide,
The temperatures may vary, but we’re always warm inside.

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Fun Times in Oxford

Okay, guys.

As you can see (clockwise from top), Mark Taylor, Roxy, Myself and Ira went to a bowling alley for no reason, because we’re so spontaneous and kooky and crazy and random!!!

We all did terribly apart from Mark, who did ‘okay’ (relative to the rest of us, anyway), and then we played air hockey and dance dance revolution and pinball! Roxy has blogged about the experience on the new Mountain Parade blog here..! Those of you who don’t know the work of the parade, this picture provides an adequate summary:

Afterwards, we went to a dodgy pizza place which turned out to have a secret shisha garden with Armageddon on a widescreen TV with arabic subtitles, where Mark bought us a generous quantity of pizza, houmous and chips because he is one of history’s Great Men, and then there was incredible tea and shisha which Roxy looks mysteriously good smoking but I forgot to photograph it because I was having too good a time.

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It’s nice to have a video that takes less than 6 months to edit

There’s a really big episode of fOwl coming soon(ish), but to keep you going here’s a little short from Easter-time. I feel I should emphasise that although we had the camera to hand, this is not staged:

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My Chilli plant has put forward two more leaflings

Another Sunday in the bookshop. As I left, bumped into Roxy, who was returning from Wadham. We strolled via Scribbler, which Jamie was just leaving, and pottered home together, pausing momentarily on the devil’s backbone. Weather full of spring; barbeque in preparation downstairs.

Spent three days at a very rewarding academic conference in Newcastle (similarities between conferences and music festivals extraordinary, especially how they compare to each other – this one was like End of the Road vs the Glastonbury of the MLA), which also meant that I have experienced Newcastle for the first time. Nicer than expected, but nightlife rumours are not an exaggeration. Long train journey home but full of hope regarding academic project. Not much FaceOmeter news – a couple of songs in the oven and a fOwl we’ve been working on since December nearly come to fruition.

In fact, it’s time to record a few scenes for that! Happy Sunday wherever you are, and may all your [insert geniality here]

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The swindler stirs and, on the spare bed beside me in the Abingdon Road house, moves himself over to the PC and starts playing Unreal Tournament 3. I produce my laptop and start typing, stopping only to raise my eyebrows at his various expletives.

Two nights ago we played a show with MC Lars and K.Flay, and hosted the whole entertaining posse of them here in Oxford. They arrived at 6:30 in the morning, somewhat unexpectedly, then the Swindler and I got them all settled in various beds and floors and took ourselves to the devil’s backbone to recieve two train parples in the morning light, setting the tone for the show.

George Wigzell and Genevieve Robinson turned up for the soundcheck, both showing what incredible human beings they are by making significantly-sized journies for six minutes of stage time (Genny daytripped to Oxford from Lincolnshire, which is so awesome I’m still having trouble processing it). Together, we performed the Irritating Maze with the original cast, including Lars, for the first time. A highlight here was getting to run the Doctor through the Oxford O2 Academy sound system. Max and I played some other songs too, then it was time to step aside and watch K.Flay, who really knows how to do it, and Lars himself, who I went and joined to sing ‘Hey there Ophelia’, one of my favourite songs.

It was an emotional evening in many respects, capped by a 9-hole Wii Golf game with Rich and George (the three of us formed the ‘boring posse’ and not going clubbing afterwards). When the clubbers returned, K.Flay sat in my spare bed and introduced us to the world of College Basketball. There was then some sleep, then a really long breakfast. After everyone left, Max and I felt a bit empty so we went on a massive oxford bike adventure and had a really beautiful Easter Sunday.

24 hours that really reminded us why we do what we do! And all exactly one year after Lars and DJ and I were last in Oxford together – it’s great knowing and getting to hang out with really good people. We both hope your Easter was as full of good people as ours, and that you are ready, as we are, for whatever’s next.

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