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Flawless Victory

Just finished a house show which went pretty much perfectly! A barbeque and sets from Roxy, James Bell and Mark Wilsden, and Charlie Hutchings. James and Mark really tore up the living room with their insanely euphoric anthems (including a high speed cover of “Ol’ 55” which will live long in my memory) and it was great to have Charlie here, who came all the way from Birmingham to sing us lovely songs. The Oxford crew spend so much time introducing me to spectacular musicians and it was nice to return the favour!

And Roxy gets special credit for both baking and making the living room beautiful. Too tired to right more, but this was a first rate night. Warm memories!

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Feeling good about this one

Well this one has been in the pipe more or less since we moved in here back in August. Earnest filming started in December, but there have always been little details to iron out and I finally got round to sorting it today!

I hope you think it was worth the wait. I’m really happy with it – editing it was difficult in lots of ways but I think the purity of the original intentions shines through… /cackle

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May Day Action

So for those of you not in the know, May morning is traditionally welcomed in Oxford by lots of people jumping off Magdalen Bridge whilst a choir sings at them from the top of the tower. I’m kind of over that now, but fortunately May in Oxford is about so much more… that’s why I began my day at 5:30am on the steps of Clarendon House, in the extremely pleasant company of Andy Letcher’s medieval dance troupe:

This picture, which I nicked off facebook afterwards, shows about 1/3rd of the band. Note the sylphlike figure of Matt Sage in the background

From them I progressed via a Samba band to Modern Art Oxford, where the Reverenzas (an English folk trio starring James Bell) kept me entertained until about 7:30, aided only by a street sweeping machine. I progressed back to Clarendon House in time for Pete the Temp to arrive with his Cycle-powered-solar-powered travelling music stage, which I played a short set on (I’d like to thank Simon Davies for pedalling his way through An Epiphany, a song of mine which is 7 minutes long).

It feel really great to have played a show right outside the Bodleian, and opposite Blackwells! That’s a small area of the world with an incredibly large amount of significance for me! Anyway then I headed back home via the market, went to sleep, had a fry up, went to sleep again, played video games with Mark Taylor, had dinner with my parents, went to a house party in East Oxford, and eventually went to sleep again after what I think we can call a successful day…

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