Monthly Archives: June 2010

A Snippet

So here’s a snippet from two guys who walked past me on Broad Street at about 5pm today. One is saying to the other:

“…it doesn’t take genius to like… not let a man run past you.”

They passed by before I could lash out with the obvious rejoinder:

“Then why were you and millions more of your kind watching somebody try?”

Germany have put me out of my misery for another four years – after a few more nights, the streets will be safe for nerds once more. All credit to them. Proper update soon.

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The Jericho Street Fair

Today, I have:
  • Played an open mic set in an Old Speckled Hen lorry.
  • Referenced a man called ‘Dickie A. Spurgeon’ in a serious piece of academic work
  • That is all.

You should listen to Martha Rose.

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A Progress Report

Sitting on Seven Dials in the almost rain waiting for Lizzie P to call the other day, it occurred to me that even by my own disgustingly poor standards I’ve been neglecting this blog a bit of late. In part this is an access issue, but it’s also true I’ve been much busier these last few months and the blog, and the whole FaceOmeter project, have suffered slightly. Let me attempt to make amends with a few brief memories…

I was waiting for Lizzie to call because she got me in to see Ora Cogan in some venue near Denmark Street on Monday night. It was great to see Ora again, and her music brought back some wonderful memories. She and The Dapper Swindler have just returned from a European tour, and they’ve both already jetted off again in their various directions, but it was good to catch them for a brief moment. I’d seen them in Oxford a week or so earlier when they dropped by to play the Wood festival, which is a small affair out in the direction of Reading where I played at Hammer and Tongue‘s stage alongside my new poetic hero, Alex Iamb (you need to click that link). The Wood festival was great fun – I only got to go for a day, but the weather conditions were amazing and despite an unfortunate emphasis on family-friendliness (lots and LOTS of children around the place) the vibe was very nice!

Also at Wood doing a surprise set on my guitar was James Bell – I saw him do three sets in a week and he didn’t repeat a single song. Besides Wood and the house show I mentioned in the previous piece, James was also at Catweazle on Thursday, which I had the pleasure of hosting. It’s never exactly the same and there are always different challenges as host – once again, I was left in awe of Matt Sage, the man who does it week in, week out, and I’m excited to be curating the first Catweazle Compilation CD! I’ll be giving the draft of that to Matt this week and it’s going to rock.

Catweazle’s an important part of why I live in Oxford, but I don’t feel I’ve been there very much lately. Extensive sojourns in London for work purposes have left me slightly less opposed to the capital than previously – the role of my colleagues at KCL in this is beyond overstatement, and last weekend a bunch of us went on a camping trip to the Hay on Wye festival. Despite several physical fights and quite a lot of drizzle, we had an extremely good time, and there is one particular scene from a sunset-ridden grass meadow which is pretty much guaranteed to stick in the memory – to say nothing of the experience of seeing Quentin Blake live. More importantly, I got the opportunity to put up Tentzor again, though I’m sad to report that Buttlington has sprung a leak and will only be useful in future when propped upright…

Due to car space on that trip, I wasn’t able to take my guitar. Music has definitely been suffering lately. But Matt D from Triple Rosie and I spent a lot of last night in Hackney, over the ruins of a half-arsed risotto I made, e-mailing promoters and trying to put together our next great adventure. Triple Rosie are opening a caf