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Festival Season

It’s been fairly intense lately.

A couple of friends took me to see the White Horse out in deepest Oxfordshire. We walked to a mysterious ancient burial mound, then a fighter jet flew over it. Subsequently, I got to go to a roof party on the Ashmolean museum. I did a show for sizzling guitarist Dave Seck at the Port Mahon, thus finally getting the chance to test out my newly-fixed guitar pickup, which we’d had to collect from Blackbird Leys in an adventure the world is not yet ready to hear.

The Swindler and I headed off to the Secret Garden Party and Truck festivals.

Leaving Oxford for the SGP was tricky, as it was raining so hard that we had difficulty getting from the doorway of the house to the car (it’s always good to leave for a camping trip in these conditions, I find). After a while, though, the clouds cleared – and soon we were in Cambridgeshire, where we got stopped by the police for no reason. We entered the festival and, I’m embarrassed to report, derived no small amount of pleasure from walking past the purportedly three-hour-long queue for admission to which ticket-holders were being subjected. We established camp, made friends with our neighbours (one of whom drew a face on my right little fingernail in varnish which I can’t now remove), and headed out to find our stage.

This proved difficult, and we would come to appreciate this difficulty as being characteristic of the organisation of the Garden Party. None of the stewards had heard of the place we were playing (it’s true: we aren’t rock stars) and we eventually got there by stumbling across Sam “The Princess Bride” Morris, entirely by chance. His friend directed us to our tent, where we banged out an absolutely terrible set (nothing about the sound system worked properly, is our excuse) (alternate explanation: we were being punished for enjoying walking past that long queue so much). We begged the good people at Hammer & Tongue for a second chance, and they swiftly timetabled us in for a 2AM (yes) slot on the Saturday.

This made Saturday an interesting proposition, as we were already planning to play a small event near M40 J6 in Oxfordshire as well as a set at the Truck festival, near Didcot, on that day. Three sets, 100 miles, one day? More on this presently.

We enjoyed ourselves on Friday, by which I mean that I had a little nap and we spent some hours wandering around the Secret Garden festival site, which had been beautifully put together. There was a ferris wheel, which was truly excellent to ride at night with the whole site lit up beneath. The helter skelter, at

A New Development

It gives me large amounts of pleasure to announce the dates of the TRIPLE ROSIE + FACEOMETER SUMMER TOUR!!!

Do you live in or near one or more of these cities? Consider coming to the concert that we play in it/them! Triple Rosie are an excellent band and of course they’ve made several appearances on the FaceOmeter Video Weblog, to absolutely no acclaim…

I’m trying to cook up some new material for the shows as well, and while I will almost certainly fail, that should at least generate some interesting stage banter! Do please come and see…

04/08 – Biddle Brothers, Hackney LONDON
05/08 – The Hopbine CAMBRIDGE
06/08 – Cotham Parish Church Hall BRISTOL
07/08 – The Rusty Bike EXETER
08/08 – The Windmill, Brixton LONDON
09/08 – Baby Simple OXFORD

I would also like to announce that the Dapper Swindler and I will be present on one of the smaller stages at both the Secret Garden Party and Truck festivals! Look out for us if you’re going!

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The Lifts at the Tesco in Chatham

Oliver Pyper sent me this in the wee hours, in consequence of which I have only just awoken from a batch of nightmares. I caution you against delving too far into this strange new world, but let no-one say I’m not willing to share my internet experiences.

Here are some real-life experiences for you as well: last night I attended the launch of The World is Not Flat!’s new album. It’s called “To Both Sides, Dear“, and I strongly recommend it – not only are the songs beautiful, but the album artwork is exceptionally high-resolution. The show took place at the yurt on Barracks Lane, which was a perfect location. Sam Taplin and I sounded the essential note of dischord to open the proceedings by playing raucous guitar arrangements of some of his songs, achieveing impressively our goal of making TWINF look more beautiful by comparison. It was a great time.

To get ready for this show, I had previously zapped up from London and voyaged bravely into the heart of David Cameron’s constituency, where the Taplin dwells. We spent an evening with some cheeses and wasabi nuts and he made me watch this video of Gorillaz performing their new single, which I love unreservedly. Check it out!

A day of horrible chores beckons, but I’ve done well from the Steam sale and have some video-game shaped rewards waiting for me at the other end. With the exception of a 32-race Mario Kart epic with the Dapper Swindler last weekend (in overall races played, he is currently leading 825 to 823) I’ve barely done any gaming this year! Time to remedy…

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