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Breakfast Video

I’m compensating for the recent lack of video footage (it’s been six months since the last fOwl, which is shocking!) by slowly rolling out shorts at the rate of about one a week until at least Christmas. This is stuff that’s been shot throughout this year but which I’ve only just got round to editing. First on the menu is a series of three little episodes from the tour I went on with Triple Rosie in August – in this first one, you see us enjoying breakfast together after sleeping in a service station. Enjoy!

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Music Video

I’ve finally got around to editing the enormous backlog of video I’ve been sitting on since August. First up (because easiest), here’s a vide of Triple Rosie playing their lovely song ‘Haircut’:

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Of a week

I haven’t done an annoyingly self-validating blog post for a little while, or indeed a big blog post of any kind, which is creatively awkward. My songwriting is in a similar condition, and that always makes me sad. But I think it is worth mentioning, in light of the fact that it’s been a pretty good week, some things that have happened during it. This is meant to be morale-boosting rather than own-trumpet-blowing. I can get sort of dominated by the creative issue, so it’s important for me to note that in addition to not writing any songs, this week I also:
  • gave my first ever lecture to undergraduates (about Sherlock Holmes: satisfyingly, I got to incorporate a modified form of an argument I first made about Holmes on this blog when I was an undergrad myself).
  • had my first undergraduate seminar teaching observation.
  • marked my first piece of coursework.
  • hosted the third week of Bright Idea, our open mic at Railroad (highlight: a guy doing silent physical comedy dressed as a woman with a very small baby. I thought it would take three years, not three weeks, to start getting stuff like that).
  • had an idea in the library (indeed, actually got to sit in a library without a computer and read a book, which was good enough by itself).
  • read an Alistair Reynolds sci-fi extravaganza for fun (it was fun).
  • attended a seminar about projected images in Victorian public entertainments in Devon (this should perhaps not be ranked quite with the others? but what the hell).
  • had my 2000th race against the Dapper Swindler on Mario Kart DS (I’m currently leading by 1003 races to 997) whilst sitting up with him and a dangerous amount of tesco sweeties to keep him awake until his latest voyage to Italy began at 3am.
  • selected the speakers for my interdisciplinary research forum, which I applied for funding to set up on a whim because it’s something I believe in and which does now look as if it’s actually going to happen – which is amazing.
  • listened to a Matt Winkworth remix of a Sam Taplin song – two of my favourite oxfordshire-based pianists.
  • went book shopping with the Swindler and another supercool friend of mine in the Charing Cross Road area (including detours for burritos and Forbidden Planet).
  • had two high-modernist moments in one day, both without realising it until later – one involving walking out to buy a pencil in Holborn, another involving being reminded of childhood whilst eating a Madeleine.
  • found out I’m now officially a published academic (two little reviews, nothing exciting except as a milestone).
  • supported Triple Rosie at the 12bar in central London – got topless in my own set, rather by accident, and got severely bonused listening to theirs.
  • read the little-regarded and rather shockingly racist/imperialist L. Frank Baum novel The Master Key, in which a boy accidentally evokes the spirit of electricity himself and is given loads of stupid gadgets to repress people with in consequence. A nightmare politically but really good material for a paper I’m trying to write.
  • had a lock-in at Railroad with the Swindler, doing work on my computer with the blinds down while he made sausages to sell in the market, feeling like we were in command of a very small fort with a limitless supply of tea.
  • got really useful and reaffirming feedback on my upgrade portfolio (part of the qualification I’m studying for).
  • had lunch with one of my absolute favourite people, who looks like she’s coming to King’s to do an MA.
  • ticked off another horrible three hour teacher training session (infinitely less fun than everything else on this list, but worth recording here as something that got done and which I don’t have to do again).
  • watched a couple of feelgood episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation with a chinese takeaway and my very wonderful housemate.
  • (just now) compered and, more importantly, watched a stellar performance at Railroad by Martha Rose (ably supported by

Suddenly, a show

Just a quick note, everyone – I’m playing at the 12bar tonight with Triple Rosie (and other acts). It’ll be my first appearance in central London for well over a year and whilst there won’t be that many surprises for those familiar with the FaceOmeter oevre, there might be some fun collaboration with Triple Rosie and it’s always nice to be out on a Friday night*! If you feel like it, please come down – the show starts around 8.

*I don’t actually believe this

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It had been far too long since I had got down in Hackney, but thankfully the excuse of a show in Railroad last Saturday allowed me to do just that. With Max’s amplifier newly repaired, we spent some time reliving the Days Of Garrag, with a heavy emphasis on terrible weezer covers following the arrival of Jim “The Trim” O’Riley. We also played ‘She Reminded Me With Science’ with the reverb on ten, which was a very rewarding experience spiritually. There were many computer games.

When Sam Overs returned home, I was reminded of the true homestyle values of Brummie hospitality:

You can take the man out of the midlands, but you can’t take the midlands out of the man. This subject re-emerged over Hallowe’en, when another friend and I came up with the idea of a superhero called ‘The Midlander’. He’d be like The Highlander, but instead of killing people for no discernable reason, he’d, like, help you with directions around the aston expressway.


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