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Yesterday was a fairly productive day! The Swindler came over and we spent more hours than we’d have liked to sending in applications to various festivals. This was an annoying process, but it’s good to have it done and we also did some high-quality jamming, recorded a few demos, and ate so much food that I still, the next morning, feel a bit wrong.

The other thing I did yesterday was finalise some cover arrangements for the forthcoming Catweazle Compilation CD, of which I am the curator. This has been in the pipe for absolutely ages, but my other commitments have regrettably kept it relatively low on the priority list. Now it’s nearly done, though, and there’s a launch party scheduled at the Isis Tavern in Oxford on the 19th of March! There’s a facebook event, or you could just put it in your diary.

Many of the artists on the record will be playing, including James Bell, Aisha Mirza, Erin K. & Tash, Edward Pope and King of Cats. Matt Sage will be there of course. I’m not on the record, but the Swindler and I will be there to play a set! It’s £7/5 in and worth every penny; please come along.

The other big news du jour is that you can now listen to my CD To Infinitives Split on Spotify, and you can also find the old Campfire Songs EP on there! So, spotify users… enjoy!

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Less than Lime

Yesterday, I discovered Mountain Dew for sale in the UK. This is huge.

I had this bottle thrust on me by a dear friend when I was already consuming several jelly babies, and this led to the most pronounced sugar high I’ve had since my teenage years. You know what? Sugar highs are great. I’m going to have them more often. I giggled my way through the afternoon, topping up with the occasional coke and saying a lot of sentences witho9ut any space marks in them, and eventually found myself, once again, at Catweazle – where lovely performances by the likes of James Bell more than compensated for my own sub-standard effort and I was left with a warm afterglow of artistic love. This especially caused by Matt Sage’s latter-moment piano croonings.

I then strolled through the slightly misty Oxford night, watching the full moon, smelling the crisp, earthy air and being interrupted only by passing cyclists also going home from Catweazle, hailing me pleasantly before vanishing into the darkness. At this point, I didn’t need the sugar any more.

But then I had a large slice of cake, just to be safe.

In case you’re in Oxford, tonight I’m off to see the Winkworthers Originals at the Regal, and tomorrow is Rosie Caldecott in Jericho followed perhaps by Tariq’s birthday bash at the Cellar. All promise to be worthy events!

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A departure

I’ve moved my online music presence from myspace to bandcamp. Myspace was never a wonderful way of doing things, but it was the lingua franca of independent artists of all kinds for many years, and I got a lot of really good shows and made some good friends through it.

Unfortunately, the latest redesign has really pushed functionality through the floor, and I no longer have the time to devote to the unbelievably inconvenient interface and lack of utility. The ‘scene’ has shifted enough that I don’t need it any more, so I’m going to get gone.

The best way, from now on, to see upcoming FaceOmeter shows will be on songkick (there are no upcoming gigs at the moment, which is why it looks weird). Buying music is now via either Bandcamp (Digital or Physical) or iTunes (Digital only)! I remind you gently that FaceOmeter is also present on YouTube,, and Facebook. A bit of a maze, but all the services are out there for you my dear, non-existant fans!

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Brimstone Victory

I just received an e-mail saying “Your manhood never ends”. “That’s a relief”, was my first reaction. But wait, wouldn’t that be horrendously inconvenient and weird? But I digress.

Last night we welcomed our trusty ally Brimstone Moth through the doors of Railroad for the first time, and she and I played a show which was extremely enjoyable in many important respects! She’s got some new songs which are even more about museums than usual!

We’ve already put on ten of the thirty acts I put on my “wish list” when we started promoting shows there. If you have a band that would do well in a small unamplified environment with loads of cool people, you should definitely get in touch with us! Very few of those nights we’ve done have so far been less than 100% lovely. We also currently have some big plans, including for Shrove, which is creeping up on us!

I love Shrove.

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Have a Banana. Have Two Bananas.

Something about the internet is that if a conversation takes you there, you’re never more than a few buttons away from a glittery cornerstone of your childhood. A conversation with housemate just led me to a short but profoundly moving Jungle Book session. I know you think you’ve seen this, but please – watch it again.

It’s not just about the perfection of all of the individual elements here – the music, the drawing, the colours, the concepts – but about how they’re being used together, not to illustrate each other, but really collaboratively. They’ve really sat down and thought, properly, about how shapes and music and words can come together to do something more than any of them could individually. There’s nothing redundant here – not a line or a sound that hasn’t been considered in relation to its fellows. And there’s loads of jazz. I think it’s tremendous.

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