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Commence to Spooky

Last night we kicked things off at the Catweazle Club, where we had the honour of topping off a really delicious seasonal serving of ghoulish madness from a huge number of talented fools!

We couldn’t sell the record because the printing company screwed us (***ATTENTION ALL COOL D.I.Y. ARTISTS: DO NOT USE WEWOW***) but a few people obligingly bought the thing anyway on trust (bless you all), and for those who want to check it out first, you can of course stream, download and order the thing online here.

Today the sun is out in Witney, and while Sam toils over his latest children’s book, it’s left to us to gambol in the sun, buy new plectrums and assemble CD packages. Boom.

Our super-big thanks to Matt Sage, grandmaster of awesome, for letting us go on last night!

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Spooky Release

Well, guys – it’s out. We expect the CDs from the printer today, the next four nights are going to be a bunch of terribly awesome live shows (come!), and you can hear the whole thing on bandcamp RIGHT NOW!

For those of you unfamiliar with Bandcamp, our awesome shop mechanism, a quick explanation: you can listen to the whole record, in full, on the store website, as of this second. For a (significantly) higher-quality listen which will also allow you to place our record in your music library or on your non-branded personal music device, you can pay (however much you like, minimum £4) for digital downloads. If you’re the kind who needs to possess a physical object, you can order one from the same site at £6 + p&p; this includes downloads as well, so you can commence listening without that bothersome wait for the red card to come through your letterbox indicating a long, tedious walk to a sorting depot somewhere near Bradford. Finally, if you prefer the personal touch, you can (and should!) come to a show and meet us, perhaps even persuade us to sign or lick it for you – we’re malleable folk! We’ll be selling EPs for £6 at shows, too.

Shows are:
Tonight – Catweazle, Oxford
Tomorrow – Hall of Sound, Pangbourne
Saturday – Old St. Mary’s Church, Stoke Newington, London (the big one)
Sunday – Cecil Sharp House, London

Whether it’s by coming to a show, paying for a download or ordering a physical copy, you are doing truly admirable work to support independent music in general and us in particular. Thanks in advance, and we really, really hope you like the record!

To the record!

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Not Even Slightly Spooky

So apart from the forthcoming release of our exciting new record, what else has been happening at FaceOmeter towers these last weeks? I’m aware that this is less of a “lifestyle blog” than it used to be, although potentially that’s for the best. Still, though – the public deserves to know how I spend some of my non-music time! My 100 or so fans have total rights to my every private moment!

So here’s an unsettling load of identical cheese in ASDA. I think maybe the reason I’m not an actual celebrity is that they don’t go and take photos of loads of identical cheese in ASDA.

I visited these glorious old books, and the Catweazle Club, in Oxford. The weather was perfect and I got a Ben’s Cookie and a cup of milk and wandered through the cobbled streets and did that whole thing. Then a New Zealander got naked and did an aggressive rugby dance in my face. I love Catweazle.

The new Tom Waits album is out, and here we see both myself and the Dapper Swindler enjoying our respective copies. My favourite track is probably “Talking at the Same Time”. Or it might be “New Year’s Eve”. Or “Chicago”. Or ANY OF THE OTHERS.

Apart from that, things are pretty normal. London is still London, so there’s naturally a toilet by the path on my walk to work. By “walk to work” I obviously mean “walk to bus to two trains to walk to work” because London is still London.

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Things Getting Everso Spooky Up In Here

I got up at 7am to learn how to use photoshop (or, rather, its open source equivalent, GIMP), which is the sort of thing that ends up happening when you try to put out a record. People assume it’s all about going into a studio, getting drunk, and going home. But actually, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The fact is that apart from artwork (which has to be digitally set up as well as drawn in the first place) and the logistics of actually getting the CDs to be here in time for the launch (another thing you’d accuse of being a picnic if you hadn’t tried it), we’ve also to think about digital downloads (bandcamp do all of the hard work there, and are wonderful), ticket sales for the show, equipment, venue decoration, transport… it’s amazing, especially in a record which we deliberately decided was going to be pared-down, recorded in a single day, minimallist aesthetically.

A hallowe’en caprice has taken over my life for the last two weeks. The most terrifying thing is how little of that time has been spent playing the guitar – I’m genuinely worried that I’m going to pick up the instrument on Thursday and won’t remember how to play any of the songs.

Don’t mistake this for whining. Strife of this kind is integral to the creative process. And though I’m now at the “anxiety dream” stage, I know it will be worth it. The main reason I know this is that this is certainly the best CD I’ve ever put out. It’s a CD I would buy, and listen to, and to have been involved in creating it is a great feeling. There are lots of reasons I like it: it’s extremely tight, with an album’s-worth of ideas from three very distinct songwriters condensed into under twenty minutes; it’s superbly engineered by the sublime Dean McCarthy, who has been both patient and adept throughout and who is also (pity him) working with Max and I on Vibe, Drill and “It” (don’t think I’ve forgotten); it has, for me anyway, the right mix of idiotic energy and nuanced performance.

You may or may not agree, of course, but I do hope you’ll give us the benefit of the doubt long enough to come and see us launch it – at the Catweazle Club in Oxford on Thursday, at the Hall of Sound in Pangbourne on Friday, the big show at Old St. Mary’s, Stoke Newington on Saturday, or the Cecil Sharp House Hallowe’enfest on Sunday. I might post a little more about the big London show soon.

For now though, do check out the preview track and consider pre-ordering the record and/or grabbing yourself a ticket to the party!

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Spooky Pre-Listen/Order

It is with no small quantity of excitement that I can now reveal the tracklist and details for The Spooky EP!

The Spooky EP
Taplin, Tattersdill & Jones

1. The Haunting of El Miedo
2. The Witches’ Lament
3. The Gallop of the Monkey Horse
4. The Spine-Chilling Skeleton Express
5. Sentiments Expressed by Dr. Klaus Diemler, Mad Scientist, Upon Seeing his Hideous New Creation Take Flight for the First Time

I picked up the masters at New Cross last night from the excellent Dean McCarthy, who has been our exceptional sound engineer throughout the recording and production process. Art is coming together as well, thanks to the Dapper Swindler and Ceridwen Brown. But most excitingly of all, you can hear a bit of this record RIGHT NOW.

If you head over to the store, you can listen to ‘The Spine-Chilling Skeleton Express’, a tune in which Sam Taplin sings of love, ghost trains and bumper cars whilst The Swindler and I play vigorous guitar in the background. If you pre-order the record today (either as a download or physical CD), then you can download this preview track at the same time, to keep your mp3 player or similar warm until release day!

And remember, you can get a pound off tickets to the launch show in London by ordering them from WeGotTickets now!

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The Spooky EP

Released on October 27th, digitally and on CD, the Spooky EP will be the exciting 5-track collaboration of Sam Taplin, Will Tattersdill (FaceOmeter) and Max Jones (The Dapper Swindler).

The launch party is on Saturday the 29th of this month in Stoke Newington, London – tickets (£5) are on sale here. There’s a facebook event here. You can also see us on the 27th (special set at Catweazle in Oxford), the 28th (at Pangbourne’s Hall of Sound) and the 30th (at the Cecil Sharp House Hallowe’en Music Explosion).

More about the record will be unveiled over the next few weeks – for now, I just want to tell you all that I’m very excited about it, that I think you’re going to love it, and that I really hope you can make it to one of our shows, especially the main launch party, which will also feature the lovely Boxcar Aldous Huxley! See you there…

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