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Firsdt up a reminder about the upcoming gig in west London in a couple of weeks.

Spring has sprung here in south east London, but it’s still been a bit of a depressing week – incompetant landlords and illness have added to the psychological fallout from the stolen or reliquished means of transport which I lost in February. Work is slow and difficult. But I was cheered greatly by a recent interlude with Sam “Sam Taplin” Taplin, who came bearing a fart soundboard and left behind him a living room floor invisible under the completed crosswords and Saturday fashion supplements.

I’m also excited to have a ticket for the Jeff Mangum concern at the Union Chapel this Tuesday. Mangum, of course, is a great influence on me as well as somebody who almost never performs live. I’m genuinely not sure what to expect – it could quite easily be either the Gig Of My Life or the biggest let-down so far! But I’ll keep you posted.

The Swindler and I have finessed quite a few ideas in the direction of our upcoming recording session, and we’re also working on a video edit of the Shrove material which will turn out (one day) to be extremely excellent! More updates as we get them.

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On the departure of the Swindling Month

The Dapper Swindler and I call February ‘the Swindling Month’ – it’s probably coincidence, or confirmation bias, but seldom does a February slip past without something really bad happening to one or both of us. This, of course, against the general background of unpleasant wintriness which strikes the keynote for that bleakest of times.

This Feb was no exception. I lost all seven of my wheels – not only was the Peug forced into retirement (see earlier post) but my bike got nicked from a pleasant residential street in south London a few days later, at about 2pm on a sunny day. A predicatable series of work mishaps and TfL swindles added to the mood, and FaceOmeter productivity has fallen to match. This is the classic stuff of February, and the trick, each year, is to come out running. That’s why there’s a gig coming up at Ginglik in West London later this month; it’s why we’ve got another recording session booked in with Dean McCarthy in Littlemore over Easter weekend (our last two Easters have also been in Oxford, and gloriously so); it’s why the Dapper Swindler is on his way here even now, to help me stick a stew on and then sit with guitars and do a bit of writing for once.

Things are down, but not out. Stay with us.

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