Monthly Archives: September 2012

Experiencing a small quantity of irritation

I’m currently in the process of trying to transition this blog over to WordPress, in the hopes of it actually having features sometime in the not too distant future, and also to try and integrate the FaceOmeter WEB BRAND a little more. During this difficult time, during which I am learning an alarming (but never quite adequate) amount about style sheets and web code, I invite you to be patient and console yourself with the knowledge that nothing published on this blog is ever of any importance, ever.

Mission Accomplished

Last night I finished work on ‘Monkey Horses at the Ocean’s Edge’, which brings the Monkey Horse sequence (about which I’ve also spoken a little bit here) to a conclusion! A tetralogy encompassing rock, indie, folk, and lounge/elevator (?!), it also encompasses folklore, internal monlogue, wildlife documentary, and, now, omniscient narrative. Finally, it encompasses Sam Taplin and Max Jones (on the first track, already released and audible here), and hopefully another guest star whose name I can’t yet reveal because I haven’t actually asked her yet…

I’ll be giving these tunes, including the new one, a pretty thorough work-out on the tour that I’m doing with Jamie “The Magic Lantern” Doe in November (details very soon). And we have a few shows coming up around Hallowe’en to celebrate the anniversary of the Spooky EP, at which the first Monkey Horse tune is likely to make an appearance! Stay tuned for details of those shows..

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New Record Details

Conceived as a way of testing out the Dapper Swindler’s new recording studio in Hackney, Last Days in the Capital is a tiny record collecting songs (and other materials) that I wrote in the moments leading up to my move away from London at the end of July. We’ve been recording it in dribs and drabs on my return visits since, and it’s now my pleasure to hint at some of its contents:

1) Silent Shrove (Dancin’ on the Night Train)
2) Monkey Horses in Strange Climes
3) Settling Out

As well as these, there will be bonus music, video, writing, and illustration – it’s not a record so much as a scrapbook of things, all of which I hope you will consider downloading! It’ll be a digital-only release, and we hope to have it out in the next month or so (we’ve one track left to record).

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