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New Old Video

As a cop-out for tonight’s cancelled Hallowe’en show (sorry, everyone!) and the fact that you probably won’t be seeing the new record until tomorrow now (sorry, everyone!), here’s a new stupid FaceOmeter video you haven’t seen before! I actually filmed … Continue reading

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Ready to Rock?

The end of every creative endeavour is a¬†faltering¬†mewl of fits and starts, with the exact moment of completion unidentifiable amidst a haze of administrivia, hype, last-minute revision, and disappointment. Was Last Days in the Capital complete when I wrote the … Continue reading

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All Hallows, all the Time

Taplin, Tattersdill, and Jones’s first live appearance since- well, since last Hallowe’en will be tonight at Pangbourne’s Hall of Sound, three quid in! As previously announced, is the first of three special Spooky shows, the other two being in Birmingham … Continue reading

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Content Content Content

Hard to believe it’s been a year since I put a record out! But there’s a consolation prize: this digital scrapbook EP, incorporating three new songs with a whole bunch of videos, pictures, and words, downloadable in a neat and … Continue reading

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Au Palais du Crackque

I’ve just returned from yet another interlude at the homestead of the Dapper Swindler, whose Hackney Mansion has been the centre of our social network for many a year now. The end is near for Palais du Crackque, with its … Continue reading

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Any Path Will Do

So I’m going on tour with The Magic Lantern, also known as Jamie “Skipinder” Doe, a schoolfriend and a musician of prodigious skill. Here’s a song of his: Good, no? Doubtless you wish to hear more of this man, and … Continue reading

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The nature of our show on November 3rd has been revealed! Now with a sodding facebook event! I can confirm that in addition to Taplin, Tattersdill, and Jones, of whom I am one, you will also be able to see: … Continue reading

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Going Live

I’m slowly starting to roll out this website’s exciting new features, which now include a gigs page. MOREOVER! It’s a gigs page with some gigs on it! That’s right, this Hallowe’en Taplin, Tattersdill, and Jones are reuniting to bring the … Continue reading

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