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Green Man Rising

I don’t want to sound like world-weary-amateur-music-circuit-dickhead-#5, but I’ve seen a few festivals at this point and I’m familiar with many of their characteristic tastes: the joy of checking out the poorly-erected tents, the queues for the agonising toilets, the … Continue reading

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On Micropayments

Listen, I’m good at Tetris. Not incredible; not a world champion or anything. But I could easily beat for instance, you. I’m not so good that I can routinely do back-to-back T-spin triples, but I’m good enough that I know … Continue reading

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Unwillingness to Dance

A while ago, I played at a fantastic show with Sofar Sounds in Oxford – you can hear the whole set here! Now, Sofar have released a really nice-looking video of one of the songs, and decided to feature it … Continue reading

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Home Studio

My old recording box, which was a BR-532 for those of you keeping notes, recently bit the dust after around a decade of relatively faithful service. Ten years ago, it was an intimidating piece of technology – a digital four … Continue reading

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Running the Good Ship Catweazle

For years now, with a mixture of honour and trepidation, I’ve been occasional steward of the Catweazle Club, looking after the weekly event when regular host Matt Sage is absent picking flowers in Gibraltar or whatever it is that he does. It’s … Continue reading

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Digital Engagement Something

I’m interested in widening my social networking footprint. What the hell does that mean? It means, in my view, that civilisation teeters on the edge of the abyss. But never mind that now. I did a new demo for the … Continue reading

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