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Recent Reviews

In the chaos of early 2015, two new reviews of Why Wait for Failure? went up. I wouldn’t normally post these, but since they’re very nice and since they came out on adjacent days… why not? It’s not every day … Continue reading

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In Which I Suggest Going Easy On Fox News?

Here’s something you don’t see from me much any more – a blog post about a current event, unfolding as I type. This is the story: an ‘expert’ on Fox News has described Birmingham as a place “where non-Muslims just … Continue reading

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Insane Sale

It is the time of my insane sale. EVERYTHING MUST GO, WHICH IS WEIRD BECAUSE IT IS DIGITAL MUSIC AND THERE ARE THEORETICALLY INFINITE COPIES. For the next few days, there are hefty discounts on pretty much everything in the … Continue reading

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So Very Long 2014

We’re down to the wire here. 11:10 on the last night of 2014 as I sit down to type my customary end-of-year blog thing. I’m on a borrowed MacBook and I’m late because I found a DVD of the¬†Voyage of … Continue reading

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