A New Old Aspect

In a characteristically glacial way, things are looking up here at FaceOmeter towers. There’s a new writing collaboration which I’m quite keen on, I trekked over to West Wales so that I could watch the Dapper Swindler melting a cheese (pictured), and I was given the courage (12:20PM, 20/11/17) to write a simple new tune – back to my roots in some ways, a bold departure in others.

I debuted the tune in a crowded pub in Lichfield where nobody was listening – I like it a lot just at the moment, not least because it feels like the start of something rather than an end in itself.

Episode IV
The Parsley Tapes, Session One

Six little spines turned up inside my coat
 Just when I’d been abandoned by my hopes.
Six little strings of vertebrae,
Six little lines on the old X-ray –
 It’s time.
Six little spines.

Six little spines to start to let me out,
 Ways from inertness, edginess, and doubt.
Six little talks, six little moods,
Novels by the hearth in six red snoods-
 It’s fine.
Six little spines.

Six little spines which might be melodies –
 Might prove myself by writing one of these.
Six little tunes, sick little beats,
Six little ways to defeat
 Those blues with rhymes.
Six little spines.

Six little spines; a bookshelf rearranged.
 Six little signs there’s going to be a change.
Six little places from which to grow,
Tails and noses and bellies and toes
Six little spines.

Six little chances, six shape-shifting flames.
 Things won’t ever be quite the same again.
So set your heart out and tuck your knees
There’s a world about and it starts in here
 With these
Six little lines.

With these six little lines.
With those six little spines.

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