A New Proposition

Max: So we’re stuck in a car you’ve never driven with someone we’ve never met hurtling through countries we’ve never been in for like two weeks?
Will: In short… IT’S ONNNNN

Introducing the Imminent Death Iberian Experience Tour (IDIET) (say it in a Spanish accent):

2nd – Os Artistas, Faro
3rd – Regueirao dos Anjos, Lisbon
4th – O Seculo – Centro Cultural, Lisbon

5th – Art Brut, Madrid
7th – Casino Antiguo, Castellon
8th – La lata de bombillas, Zaragoza
9th – TBA
10th – Apolo 2, Barcelona

The Dapper Swindler and I will be trekking all over Pompey’s favourite province in the company of the delightful Ora Cogan. Spanish and Portingalese fans, pop down! It’s well over 1,500 miles and I’ve never driven on the right before, especially not in a mediterranean driving culture, so I look forward to dying in an enormous, semi-ironic fireball.

Max: What am I going to wear?

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