A Six-legged Sequence

It’s always good to have a day where you complete everything on your to-do list, and today I not only cleaned my room and watched an episode of Game of Thrones (a third consecutive one with almost no pointless nudity/sex! Go HBO!), but I also finished a song I’ve been trying to write for a little while, ‘Monkey Horses in Strange Climes’. For those of you who haven’t been PAYING GODDAMN ATTENTION, this is the third of four songs in the Monkey Horse sequence, which I’ve been coming up with over the last couple of years and which is now coming to fruition.

‘The Gallop of the Monkey Horse’, which came out last hallowe’en on the Spooky EP, describes the horrifying myth of the creature itself. It was written and recorded with Sam Taplin and Max Jones, and you can listen to it here (buy the record, even!).

I felt that the Monkey Horse had been hard done by in that song – it can’t help being a monster! So to show its softer side, I gave it a baby. What quicker way to make a character sympathetic? ‘Child of Monkey Horse!’ was written last October and will probably be on my next solo full-length album, Why Wait for Failure?, in 2013 or so.

Then comes today’s effort – ‘Monkey Horses in Strange Climes’ – which follows the monstrous duo on an epic journey away from the persecutions of their home forests and towards a brighter future. This will be on Last Days in the Capital, the not-even-EP which I’m planning to put out next month (to the eagle-eyed: yes, this means the songs will not be recorded in the order you’re ideally meant to hear them in. Never mind).

I don’t want to say too much about the final, as-yet-unwritten song, ‘Monkey Horses at the Ocean’s Edge’, but obviously it gets pretty Gormenghasty. It will only be on the special Monkey Horse digital download mini-EP, which will include the other three songs as well, and which will be out “at some point”.

While I’m waiting for inspiration to strike on that one, it’s good to think that I can focus on some other songs. Taplin, Tattersdill, and Jones have some new irons in the fire, and I’ve not been pulling my weight there – plus, of course, there’s the prospect of finishing Vibe, Drill, and “It”, as well as an even more exciting maybe-project that I don’t even want to tell you about yet…

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