Activate Sonic Shower

Its the tendancy of blogs these days, in my circles at least to update less frequently. Now why is this? Is it because my life is getting less interesting, I am getting less interested in my life, YOU are getting less interested in my life, blogging is going out of fashion, fashion is going out of blogging… who knows? ALl that can be known is that I too am updating increasingly less frequently. But I reject absolutely any assertion that this journal is on some kind of slippery slope. Here at FaceOmeter we’ve been updating this site and its predecessor for over a year and a half and we have NO intention of stopping – I don’t believe the wind-down has effected the overall quality of posts so much as removed the percieved nessecity of “for the sake of it ones”. So, that was worth saying.

Anyway since we’re being all “serious”, “no one will comment on this entry” tonight…

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