After blackadder, why bother?

Radio 4 seems to be having a spate of “historical comedies” at the moment. Unfortunately they’re nearly all bollocks. The best of them (that I’ve heard) is “Bleak Expectations” which had some genuinely funny moments despite sharing the same sense of over-indulged whimsy with which all R4 comedy seems to capitulate these days. It also had an awareness that it was a radio comedy, so there were speech-only jokes, good sound effects… the MEDIUM was taken advantage of.

“1966 and all that”, a show whose title parodies that of a book of parody (putting it next to scary movie 3 on the satire food chain), doesn’t do that. I love Craig Brown’s column in Private Eye, so it’s odd that just after reading one of his best ones yet (Germaine Greer –

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