Album and Aftermath

CoverI put this record out at the start of November – most of you know that. It took four years to write and another ten months to crowdfund, record, produce, and release. There are fourteen tracks, some highly orchestrated, some extremely collaborative, others quite pared down, acoustic, singer-songwritery. The thing is for sale on bandcamp both as a physical CD (with beautiful Freya Hartas artwork) and as a digital download. It has been selling okay, and my bandcamp plays are the highest they’ve ever been. I’ve also got t-shirts, badges, and limited edition art prints peopling my merch desk these days.

I just conducted a brief and unnerving science experiment and listened to a song from it, the title track ‘Why Wait?’. It’s my first listen in a while – one of the weird things about making a record is that you listen to it thousands of times before it comes out and barely at all after – and I remain pretty darn happy with it. I like that you can draw a straight line from my earliest work on The Garrag Sessions (2005) to this song: it has so many of the same features, like the mood and the tonality and the slightly farbled bassline, but is also tighter, classier, more polished. It’s got a lot cleverer and it’s stayed exactly as stupid. I’m happy.

10801590_10100362479664774_3106207605931998275_nThe launch shows went well in very different ways. The Oxford one was a really cosy atmosphere, interrupted by a loud coffee machine occasionally but special because it was the place where we’d recorded the choir parts of the album. I was hugely, hugely ill and didn’t enjoy it at all, but surviving the night felt like a modest achievement. The London one was a very different kind of caper – installed in someone’s house in Bethnal Green (a very strange and wonderful space with lots of nice books on the walls) it was both more intimate and more carefree. I had a superb time.

There’s a temptation to overanalyse this stuff. See my previous post if you don’t believe me. It’s understandable: you spend so long thinking about this, so long steeping in your own reactions to things, and it would be silly to regret being thoughtful about my stuff. My music is powered by that. But periodically, it also makes sense to sit back and say once again: I wrote some songs, I met wicked people, we played together, we had fun, we went home. And we’ll do it again.

The record is here, if you want to listen to it.

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