All Hallows, all the Time

Taplin, Tattersdill, and Jones’s first live appearance since- well, since last Hallowe’en will be tonight at Pangbourne’s Hall of Sound, three quid in! As previously announced, is the first of three special Spooky shows, the other two being in Birmingham (31st October at the Yardbird) and Oxford (3rd November at the Isis tavern).

With The Spooky EP, released a year ago, we wanted to reclaim Hallowe’en a little bit from the ‘Sexy Nurse’ outfits and the cardboard hats and write something that conveyed the same sense of carnivalesque whilst also being a tiny bit more thoughtful and sincere. You will judge whether we achieved our aims by coming to the above shows, or by watching the following amusing video, reposted from last year:

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