An abuse of facilities

Today’s update comes from the Upper Reading Room of the Bodleian library, where the Swindler and I have been comparing late nineteenth century awesomes via digital means. The swindler contributes this website, which you should peruse if the fin de siecle aesthetic interests you in the slightest. I’ll post some findings from the first edition of the Strand Magazine later if possible! Exciting!

Update: Well I’m not allowed to show you the actual joy, but my transcriptions seem to be allowed. Try and imagine this over a half page with loads of quirky fonts and awesome illustrations:

best remedy for all Rheumatic Afflictions, Nervous, Muscular, or
Organic Disorders, Local or General Debility, &c., is Nature’s
great Restorative – ELECTRICITY – which may be imperceptibly applied to
the system in the form of mild continuous currents by simply wearing
imparts new life and vigour to the debilitated constitution, is very
comfortable to wear, poduces no shock, improves the figure, keeps the
body at a uniform temperature, prevents chills, assists digestion, and
promptly renews that vitality the loss of which is the first symptom of
[it continues]

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