And when our money is all gone / we'll boldly go to sea

The response to my crowdfunding campaign has caused a slight shift in the way I think about my music. I put it online with a great sense of trepidation – for to not get full funding on a project of this kind is a very public kind of failure, one which necessarily takes place in front of all your friends. But my friends have been amazing, and not them only. People I haven’t seen for years and people I’ve never met at all (to my knowledge) have been chipping in, and we’re now over 85% funded in just two weeks. With a bit of luck, we’ll exceed our goals and I’ll be able to afford the nicer CD cases I have a crush on! I urge you to pre-order your copy if you haven’t already. Doing so now will get you a copy ahead of the official release date – but it will also make you part of the record in a way that’s really exciting (literally, if you can get to Oxford for the recording session). It’s £10 for a digital and £12 for a physical CD, and there are all kinds of other bonuses available besides the album itself, which will be 14 tracks long and which, I confidently predict, will blow your very socks off.


The reason all this nonsense has changed how I think about my music is that singer-songwriting, even when highly collaborative (and I’ve been less collaborative in the last seven months) is fundamentally a lonely thing. The very real change is that I no longer feel like I’m doing this alone. Of course, I’ve always been surrounded by amazing people – but this level of support, which I was genuinely unprepared for, has made what I’m doing feel a tiny bit more consequential. In one day – the campaign release day, two weeks ago – my anxieties went from “I hope some people fund this” to “I hope I can produce something good enough for all these people!” This is, in my view, a healthy shift.

But while I’ve been solipsising fruitlessly about all this arty rubbish, The Ballina Whalers just got on with it and released a new CD. Here’s my favourite track from it.

I can already see the film scene this is in. I think there’s a battle of some kind going on, a battle in which important characters die, and which the viewer knows from the start will be hopeless. And there’s no sound in the scene at all – just footage, possibly in slow motion, of the enemies charging at each other – and this music. JUST A SUGGESTION GUYS.

This CD is £6 digital or £7.50 for the ‘real thing’, and I recommend it heartily. 1/3rd of it comes from Jamie “Magic Lantern” Doe, who also has a new record in the works. We’re using the same recording engineer because that’s how incestuous all this artsy bullshit is.


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