Another evening passes

A delightful evening/night has been spent by me in the companies of Skipper, Alice and Lizzie. The classic “guitar duel” waged by Skip and I (which soon prompted the ladies to revert into a slumberous state) lasted about thirty years, and of course there was a marked contrast between skip’s fresh new sounds (though he did play some classics this time as well, for which much respect!) and me playing the same shit I always play over and over. This has prompted me to do the first of what will probably be many INTERNET UPDATES on the development of material for my new album, To Infinitives Split.

What do we know about this project? We know that the first track will be ‘Everybody’s Alright’, which has been a favourite at gigs for some time (and which you can hear on the myspace page). Everything else on this record is going to be pretty fresh. The penultimate track, tentatively called ‘Jessie’, will be the only overtly narrative song on the record and will tell the story of a young girl who leaves home to become an explorer. This story will be communicated with the assistance of my new invention, the REMOTE ANTIFOLK GOSPEL CHOIR, which will consist of everyone I know who can sing. We also know that the last track, which is going to be a spiritual sequel to ‘It’s Like being Behind Enemy Lines’, will be a nautical adventure involving hatchets, foam thumbs and perhaps some butlers. Track two is likely to be the still-unnamed song about Tim Burton, and the intermediary tracks (the album will hopefully have 10-12 tracks in total) are determined only very broadly on subject matter and will have to be correlated with an equally undeveloped selection of musical ideas before any songs happen.

So there you go; some cold, hard, facts. Remember as well that there are two other CDs “in prep”: the story of Emilia, and ‘A Day at the Aquarium’ (see this). Now, to sunder the dense wedge of info

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