Another new project…?

After the dust settles from Campfire Songs and/or To Infinitives Split, the next CD is going to be an educational and fun look at some of the things that live in an aquarium! This so-far-untitled project is going to be quite “lo fi” after the years of arseing with the other two records, probably just me, a guitar, some synths… and some fish. FISH LIKE THIS ONE!

This is all inspired by my recent expeditio to the vancouver aquarium, though i also plan to check out the birmingham sea life centre to further my research. I’m hoping if I’m nice enough that an expert will hang out with me and give me some more insights into the stuff I want to write about. I hoping for about five to eight tracks, each one focusing on a differend species. The arapaima linked above is definately on the list! Look at that thing… it looks as old as time itself… mmm so wise… so prehistoric… mmmn

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