Another Year by the Wayside

There have been so many ‘world events’ this year that it feels almost indulgent to spend any time on personal reminiscence. But this blog is nothing if not self-indulgent, and it’s not like anybody except me reads it, so let’s have a go: 2011 was my first year without moving house in a while, although I did put the tent up a few times. I made a tea monster, saw a chinese lantern on a beach, flew over the tennyson monument, spent several days talking in a cod scottish accent, had an encounter with a seagull some miles from the coast, got (mildly) into crosswords, avoided imaginary serial killers whilst doing nocturnal drinks runs in a reconditioned victorian lunatic asylum, had a nap in the front row of a gig, wrote my name with a sparkler, strolled a strange quayside, lay on a huge tyre swing, cried in the theatre, stood outside waterloo station covered in fake snow, and slept in an apparently-abandoned university campus in the middle of nowhere. I cleaned decaying meat out of a thawed freezer, wrote an encyclopedia entry, took the bus to the jubilee line, played a bugle on the roof of a sea fort, sunbathed in a prom queue, drove the faithful Peug around deserted, magical 4am London, shouted into a microphone outside the Birmingham House of Sport, sat through a poker game, stargazed on garlic-infused grass, covered the walls of a lecture theatre with terrible graffiti, reluctantly gatecrashed a 1930s cocktail party, stood within about ten feet of Damon Albarn, saw a creeper-covered watermill ruin loom out of the woods ahead of me, drank a weird energy drink which turned me into a roman soldier, had a cat for a week, and met a badminton champion. I had my first first-class train ride (which I didn’t pay for), and my last young person’s rail discount (which I did). The Peug lost both headlights and two tyres, and came bouncing right back. I swam in Port Meadow, in the English Channel, and off the coast of Kent. I dressed as a caterpillar, watched Elvis from a sofabed, and I got the Triumph back.

Modest, but not entirely insignificant. Everyone else just got engaged or married or had kids or something, so I figure I’m way ahead! I have a number of lifestyle goals for the new year, but in terms of material ambitions, let’s see how we do with these:
1) Finish my thesis
2) Release at least one more record, probably Vibe, Drill, and “It”
3) Be able to write a longer post than this one in a year’s time.

A very sincere Happy New Year to all readers. I really hope I can offer you some decent FaceOmeter goodies in the coming twelvemonth, and that you’ll be here with me to enjoy.

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